What is the best chronograph?

Derek M.

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Jul 12, 2004
Money aside, what chronograph would you like to own and why? What do you have and what is your experience? I'm thinking of buying a new one shortly but it's been 15 years since my last purchase of a cheaper chrony model which has worked okay.

I like my Competition Electronics Pro Chrono Digital just fine...it cost about $100, has always been accurate and reliable, easy to read from 10-20 feet, stores plenty of data, etc.

Its actually my 3rd one...I shot the first 2 gun):D ...it happens. (1 was at 800 yards, the other was at 1,000 yards...the cost of accurate BC measurements, LOL)

Then I got smart(er)...when shooting over it from a distance, I place an 18" wide section of railroad rail in front of it...no more damage chrono's.

Oehler 35. In my lifetime I have owned 4 diferent brands. The Oehler gives each bullet a double check with its 3 screens. Like shooting through 2 chono's with the same bullet,, ach shot. I use to always have to tweek the velocity in programs to get them on the actual trajectory of a load. Since I purchased the Oehler I am usually right on with the first inputted data. In the last 3 weeks I have set up 4 rifles for long range. Every one was spot on to past 1000 yards with the velocity data from the Oehler. I wish I would have bought one years ago, but I simply thought I was being "thrifty" and saving money with less expensive units. Fact is the Oehler is saving me money and time now.

Oehler. I have had a 35P for several years after a Chronny. The proof channel gives no doubt.
I could not be happier with the 35P
Broz, is yours the 35P that includes a printer?

Oehler Research, Inc.--Model 35 Proof Chronograph


Mine is te Oehler 35. But it was purchased without the printer. I called them about adding a printer and they said I could buy one for $150 and it simply plugs into the data port on top like the one pictured in the your link. Other than that yes, the same unit.

With the Oehler 35 do you need the Skyscreens. I have been using a Pro Chrono for about 6 years and I use it on a cloudy day without the screens.

I've had my Oehler 35P since '96. Won it at an IPSC shoot. (Still can't believe it was still on the prize table when I got up there!)

It doesn't do all the fancy stuff that some of the new chrono's will do, but I do still have some math skills, and it does me good to use them sometimes.

It's been "bullet proof" all these years. Only thing I've done is put paper and ink cartridges in the printer and a few batteries in it. I like that I can take the back off and shut the printer off when I don't really need to use it. Wish I could do it from the outside, but it's no big deal to take out four screws.

Don't really see the need to spend any money on anything else until this one is dead and gone. At the rate it's going, it may outlast me.
But again, do you need the Skyscreens in place to work with this unit. Or do you just wait for cloudy days as I do.
I have had my Oehler 35P for about 12 years and have found it totally reliable. Love the self checking of the 3rd screen. This unit does not seem as sensitive to perfect alignment with the bullet path as other cheaper units I have tried. I always use the skyscreens so I do not know how well it works without them. I have found out that no chronograph will work when used next to an electric fence that is on. Something to keep in mind if your chrony starts acting "stupid".
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