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  • Re: RemAge barrel

    I think your barrel was a good deal for someone. I'm sort of surprised it didn't sell. It may be the time of year. I've tried to sell a few things recently and received no offers. My process might have been a little high but no offers is unusual.

    Anyhow, just wanted to tell you that aren't being unrealistic at all.

    Very sincerely, Brad

    I am interested in the 3006 ultra seater die. Please let me know if it's still available.

    Duy (pronounced zwee)
    Do you still have the Ultra Seater 30-06 die? If so, what condition...any corrosion inside the slider sleeve and does it come with the Forster red case?
    $450 shipped, good as new, used twice but just didn't get comfortable behind it. Needs a shorter than normal AR stock for me.
    Uses AI style mags, I have one modified (by me) for deep seated ultramags if wanted.
    I know it's low balling but I have to ask if you would take 200..could send it ASAP or pay through PayPal
    How many brass are you looking for? I have some Winchester at the house. I will check how many when I get home. Make me an offer. $1 a case is crazy. I'm tired of all the price gouging lately and will be glad to help you out if I can.
    Interested in your stock. I have a Sav 111 LRH and was wondering if you knew how this stock would fit? My gun has the center feed and im not sure that the two are compatible.
    thanks, Denny
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