What extinct or endangered animal would you like to hunt and what rifke wouod you use ?


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Mar 17, 2003
Madison ,ga
I already let mine out it's mastodon with one of my 416s with barns 400 grain bronze bullets. I am pretty sure some where they have cloned them .My professors told us they were trying to clone them back in the 1980s .Tigers would be a close second along with Irish elk that were awesome I would like to hunt tigers with my win 1895 teddy Roosevelt 405 win
Wooly mammoth or mastodon.

Paraceratherium (largest mammal ever)

Short faced bear - giant genus of extinct North American bear that estimates suggest weighed in between 2500 and 4000 pounds. Imagine a polar bear or a Kodiak bear TIMES TWO. Following a wounded one into a cave would require a backup gun…and a backup pair of shorts!!!!

Tyrannosaurus Rex (and other large therapods) - bonus points if you get within 50 yards and take it with a single shot firearm or heavy crossbow 😬 - the 8 ton beast wouldn't be half as heavy to transport as the shooter's massive balls (provided they weren't being digested by a very cranky and still alive t-Rex) 🤣🤣🤣

Argentinasaurus or Patagotitan or any of the contenders for largest terrestrial creature ever, the big sauropods or titanosaurs from South America. I think for those you'd have to get underneath it and shoot straight up through the bottom of its head to hit the brain, then run like hell so the falling beast didn't crush you to death. A 60-100 ton 20-40 foot high 80-120 foot long creature crashing to the earth would be dangerous indeed.

Triceratops….definitely triceratops…everything about that dinosaur screams "come at me bro" 🤣…or maybe "do you feel lucky, punk?" The Cape buffalo of the Cretaceous.

And a really cool contender: Quetzalcoatlus or Hatzegopteryx, the largest creatures known to have ever flown. 30-40 foot wingspan, carnivorous, weight very hard to estimate but not less than 300 and not more than 800 pounds…a flying grizzly bear to put it another way…closest thing to a dragon this earth has seen. A great big shotgun for those guys, like a 6 or 4 guage? Image the commotion of such a creature falling and flailing to the ground from the sky…

For everything else, my 450'ackley for guns I actually have, perhaps a bazooka or a 20mm auto cannon if anything goes..🤣
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They just showed the special on cloning the mastodon on the discovery Channel. That usually means it's already happened or about to .They clone dogs and sheep and cows all the time. THEY looked in Sibera for mastodon remains with good DNA. THERE are still some frozen in permafrost .I had friebds in Alaska that found tusk up to 13 feet and bones from mastodon all the time .The muskox was running around with them and survived somehow. I don't buy that cavemen with bows and spears wiped out all the ice age animals. I think a comet or asteroid hit the earth abd changed the climate over night. I saw the permafrost melt on my own land in Alaska and let the melt go right through the ground .
THERE was a last chance animal refuge off the coast of Georgia that they would send half the population of almost extinct animals to and breed as many as possible back. IT was a awesome place I don't know why they closed it down .They saved alot of rare antelope and other species from going extinct .I hope one day we do see the mastodon and many others come back.