What cartridge would you reccomend?


Aug 28, 2002
Lincoln, NE
I had a 338 Win Mag years ago, sold it.

But here lately the itch to own a 1000 yard or greater rig has been growing.

So, it would seem that I need a new barrel, for starters.

I would not shoot large game at that distance, mostly only targets, pdogs, gongs, buckets (How did that bucket-shoot go Tim?

So given the above, within the following selection guidelines, what would be your choice and why?

1) you can have a 30-06 boltface, a .532" belted mag boltface, or the "Lazzeroni Patriot" boltface. (.404"?) "223" boltfaces also OK, just probably not practical.

2) It can be a wildcat, but the parent case must be halfway reasonable cost wise.

3) Should contain enough powder to send bullets out there with accurate impunity, but not more than needed. A fine line I know.



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Jan 6, 2002
Nashville, TN

I'd agree with the 6.5x284 as a long range match round. Since you put parent brass must be reasonable, I'd like to add 6.5 - 06 and heres's why:

The bolt face is common and you don't have to bevel the face for a rebate rim.

The case is narrower than the 284 so if you care to but back and rechamber to something different you don't loose as much barrel,, also,, you don't have to modify the feed ears for mag feeding

External ballisticxs are identical to 6.5x284, as is bullet choice.



Tim Behle

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Mar 16, 2002
McNeal, AZ

I'm really having a lot of fun with my 7 MM Rem. Mag. I bought it a couple of years ago, it wasn't what I went to the gunshow to buy. But Vic Carlson talked me into it. He said I kept talking about wanting to learn long range shooting, and the 7 mag was the perfect starter rifle. So far his wisdom seems to be working. It's still factory but with handloads, It shoots sub MOA out to 1,000 yards.

I can't wait to see how it will do after I get it blue printed and bedded.

As for the bucket shoot, I think John-Henry must have done some ballistics math after he made the bet. He's not wanted to mention it since, and everytime I ask, he can't find a bucket for me to shoot.


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Jul 6, 2002
very popular easy to load and accurate is the 300 WIN MAG with 28 inch/30 inch barrel lenght this is an good way to shoot 1000 yards without any problem and at good price

300 Weatherby with SHORT THROAT is very popular in 1000 yards BR shooting and now US major make case so no need to take costly ( but very good ) weatherby original case .

300 ULTRA is very powerfull and perhaps too much for just only 1000 yards ( same as 6.5/300 WEA in 6.5 cal ).

in 6.5 cal the other very good 1000 yards and over caliber

6.5/284 ( caution between Norma and Winchester chamber/case )and check the cost of the case Norma /Lapua , but tht a very good caliber .

6.5/06 equal the 6.5/284 without case problem .

another choice is the 7 STW which work well at long range even a 7 REM mag ( I shoot one ) can be very accurate at 1000 yards .

338 cal is not need for 1000 yards ( lot of kick , costly bullet ).

Good shooting and never forget to think about the total cost by 1000 rounds fired ( barrel wear + component + tooling part) so stay in popular factory cartridge without 2$ case cost and 300$ reload dies set ) .

that better to shoot 5000 rounds in 300 WIN MAG / 200 gr Sierra MK with 2 barrels include in the cost than to shoot 1000 rounds of new design fashion cartridge and get no better result for the same cost , the only way to learn is to shoot a lot and practice .

and for first 1000 yards caliber avoid cartridge which need fire forming there are plently of very good without heavy forming work .



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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
If you are just starting out, Save yourself a lot of money, buy a good used light gun already made up. You can always go to Benchrestcentral.com and xtremeaccuracy.com and they have classifieds with guns, rests, scopes, barrels and everything else. Go to a couple of 1000 yd matches and look at guns for sale first. That way you know what to look for and what they really cost etc. You can pick up a good used gun already to go that would cost $2500-$3000 plus new for as low as $1000 to $1400 used. No way you can build one for that, you are looking at over $2000 in parts with barrel, stock, action (either custom or trued/sleeved 700), tapered bases and trigger etc. Use that until you get enough experience to know exactly what you want. Worst case you might have to rebarrel it ($500) later. Most can be had with dies and brass.

Look for 300 win mag, 300 wthby or 6.5-284 or 6.5/06 Ack Imp. Either way stay with a 30 cal or 6.5. Guntraders.com and Auctionarms.com have several Rem 40x in 300 win or 30-338 for under a $1000 now.