US Optics

2895 USD for the 3.8-22 58 mm and 320 USD more for the 40 mm main tube ( a must to get more MOA in elevation )

for pure ultra long range use I prefer my SN9 with 250 moa

Good Shooting

Hi Dantec.

How is the cheekweld with the 58mm objective on the sn9?

It seems like it would be very high?

Happy Hunting!
dear John

I agree that the cheekweld with 58 mm is hight but I use the scope to shoot from a bench with heavy rifle .

The internal construction of the SN9 have no erector system so a 44 mm can work very well for long range shooting , just with 58 mm bell and without recetor system you have plenty of light.

For more current shooting I prefer a SN6 22x
A N with just the 35 mm tube option you have plenty of moa for elevation and stay under 2000$ .
or a SN3 3.8x22 58 MK I with 35 mm tube to be just over 2000$.

For both of theses scopes ( excpet for low light hunting and I am not sure to be able to shoot in low light at 2000 yards ) 44 mm is enought and you save money .

over 22x I feel that you get lot of mirage and it's became difficult to find the target

1000 yards / 22 = 45 yards or 90 yards at 2000 yards that enought to shoot accurate .

Enjoy US OPTIC products ( forget the price just check quality )

Good shooting

Is $3000 reasonable to pay for a scope??

What is the justification behind $3000?

Are the optics that much better? I realize you can hammer nails with US optics scopes but how oftern to you drop a rifle off a cliff or do contract labor on your house with your scope?

For $3000 the scope better be my date on Sat. night and make breakfast in the morning too?

With the service and warranties of Leupold and Nightforce why spend another $2000??????
Depending on who you are directing this to, I only want the best. I will eventually put the SN-3 3.8-22X on my .30-378 and an SN-9 5.6-30X on my .408.
Hey to each his own... but wow is that expensive.
I guess I have trouble getting past the fact I could have another rifle made and still buy a nightforce for the price of a USO scope.... I just don't see where they get there pricing. I heard that the service isn't so good as well.
In all fainess I havnt ever used one or looked thru one.. but WOW $3000 for a scope!
sure that 3000$ is a hight cost but that the top side of US OPTIC scope as ST10 in 17x are under 1000$ SN6 are on 2000$ range

I don't need a SN3 for long range shooting the SN9 is the only scope with 250 Moa built now .

my personal choice is

SN9 for ultra long range shooting ( over 1500 yards )
SN6 22x and ST10 in 17x for 1000/1200 yards
Leupold 24 x and 6.5 20x LR and 14.5 35 LR premier for general purpose .

I don't use Night Force because I use less I can japanese product ( remenber that Japan is the first PRO BAN COUNTRY in the world at that Japan gouverment spend millions $ to promote PRO BAN GUN ).

just two things

a scope life is better than a rifle and rather to have one rifle more I prefer
put money in the scope and get swicht barrels gun because when I go to range I can only take 4 rifles or I purchase a remooval company .
remember that car company as Porsche or Ferrari built costly car and .... plenty of customer purchase them .

For Night Hawk : for me 30/378 WEA is not a good cartridge ( too much over bore ) I prefer a good 300 WEA or a 300 ULTRA with accurate chamber built ona good action .

Good Shooting

Ric (Wyo)

I have to agree with you.

I guess I'm a little behind times since I won't spend that amount of money on a scope either unless it has a built in computer and will self click to all ranges I tell it to shoot my rifle. For that amount, it better load my rifle too and also find the game for me. I could afford one but for me, why?

I too own the Nightforce, the Leupold Mark 4, the Leupold Longrange (8 1/2 to 25X 30mm tube and 50mm objectives) but, for my real longrange guns I keep going back to the "old" Bausch and Lomb Balvar (6x to 24X), American made and with the etched on dot reticle. They look somewhat like the Unertl only bigger in diameter on the main tube. I have the Kuharsky rear bases on them and I can get 135 MOA (540 1/4 MIN clicks) elevation from that scope and the 2100 yard elk kill took 53 MOA from a 100 yard zero. I had 82 MOA (328 1/4 Min clicks) left of usable elevation.

That scope will give more clicks then I need for any caliber I intend to shoot and that includes the 338/416 Rigby imp, 408 or the 50 cal.

I personnally don't need a more expensive scope on any of my rifles and these are truly the best scopes (For me) I can think of to use for the longrange hunting scenerio. I have used them exclusivly on my ultra LR rifles once I found out how good they were. There will be one of them on my 408 when it's completed too.

I have always avocated to anyone getting into this game, to buy the best you can afford. Sometimes however, you don't have to pay 3x, 4x or 5x as much for an item and still get the same or nearly the same quality and service from something else.

Granted, I too have not tried the US optics scope "on" my rifle but, I'll bet it won't do anything more then my B&L will do for "me". I have looked through them though.

Lets see, the B&L (when you can find them in like new condition) sells for $450.00 to $550.00 and the Kuharsky rear base is another $200.00 when you can find them also.

I will just say good luck to anyone trying any new product and at any price. I just hope the price of the item gives you the quality, service and satisfaction you are looking for. If it works for you, that's all that counts.

I too have heard that the service is not up to par on the US Optics scope when a repair is needed. The turn around time is not too good for some reason?

Anyway, to each his own as to how one wants to spend his or her money and I wish you all the best. For me the B&L Balvar and Kuharsky rear base system, is the Longrange scope of choice and I have tried most all of them to date.

Dantec---Just read your post and agree with your thoughts on the 30/378 and the Scope of choice outlasting the rifle. I think for a $2000.00 to $3000.00 price tag on any scope, the manufacurers are grabbing the consumer by the short hair though. That kind of price tag is not in line with other scopes available at the same or near the same quality.

As far as the Japan thoughts, I also agree with that 100% and that's exactly why I will stick "primarily" with the Leupolds and older B&L Balvars I mentioned earlier.
I like to hear you are shooting to 1500 yards and further. Good luck to you.

Good, safe shooting always.
Darryl Cassel

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why not go with a nightforce with a npr-2 you have 30 moa in the crosshairs the 100 in the scope then put a 1 degree base that will give you 60 more moa.i think you can even get a base with 1.5 degree would give you 90 moa .from that barrel makes dan L cant spell his name but i bet you can
Kid Colt

We are not talking about MOA for the most part. "Any" scope with at least 12X to 20X will get you to your Longrange target if you put enough tapor on the base.

We were talking primarily "cost" of a scope and the ability to have the same or nearly the same quality.

Problem with the Nightforce unless you have the NXS is, they only have the 1/8th Min clicks. To someone wanting to click to the target for hunting, this could be a disadvantage for shooting 1500 yards and beyond as Dantec is doing.

I like to click to all the yardages I shoot and use a reliable and accurate military rangefinder.
I really don't like a lot of dots, mills, ladders or other large reticles in my field of view. I also like 1/4 Min clicks in any of my scopes.

Price was the original concern brought up by Wyo. and I agree with him. Some scopes are just getting out of hand as per the consumer reports and there's no need for it.

If someone wants to pound nails or build a house, buy a hammer. They cost $20.00 for a decent one. I will never mistreat any of my scopes to the point where they have to take a beating like that. I guess it's a good selling point though but for me, NOT a $3000.00 selling point.


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If I understtod your post correctly you are saying you don't buy nightforce because they are made in Japan. Is this correct?

If the answer is yes, why buy a Leupold? They have their glass made in Japan, don't they?

Nightforce scope are only sort of made in Japan....
All the parts are manufactured there and then they are assembled here in the US.. I guess you can look at in any way you want...

As far as Lupy .. after years of not having them I just purchased one.. 6.5-20X50mm LR ... I'm impressed....!!! Not sure where the glass is made but I like it so far...
If Japan is an issue, then don't buy anything... no Harley Davidsons, no American cars, no nuttin'... most everything you own (including the computer that you are reading this on) came from Japan, or has some parts from Japan.

The war has been over for 57 years. It's time to move on... we have newer enemies to worry about.

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