Upcoming Bison Hunt What Bullet?


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Mar 5, 2009
I have an upcoming bison hunt and am contemplating what bullet to use in my 338-378 Tejas.

Accubond 300
Berger 300
Barnes 285

Barnes. Believe I would want a bullet that stays together in case you hit bone.

Have you called the outfitter for the bison hunt? They might have recommendations.
I believe it largely depends on shot placement. I have seen plenty of buff dropped with rifles as light as a .243 with a behind the ear shot, which is how both of the guys i know that raise buffalo prefer to do it, and have seen several shot for slaughter with a .22 mag in the "magic X" from eye to ear at point blank.
Personally, with your rifle i would think any of the three bullets would give excelent results for lung shots, and you likely couldn't tell the difference in results with a behind the ear shot. My choices would go Berger, Nosler, Barnes, but that reflects my personal ranking of the bullets as well. Good luck on your upcoming hunt!
Shoot what ever you've been shooting, no reason with any of those bullets to make a change over a Buffalo or any animal in North America for that matter.
I shot a buffalo in WY in 07 with a 168 Berger in a 7mm @274 right behind the shoulder and it was lights out in less than two steps for the mighty tatonka!!
All good choices, but I'd say the Accubond. Reason-curiosity, you'd be fairly high up on the list of putting it to use, and letting us know how it worked.
I think anyone that has used the 300 Berger on elk would have no problem telling you to go with the Big Berger. But since I have never taken a Buff I just don't feel I should pick you bullet. But I thought I was going to go on a Buff hunt last year and I was all ready to take my 338 Lapua and a 300 Berger OTM. I have confidence in the bullet and I had shot enough of them to feel I could place it well.

Well, I used the Barnes 285 grain and it did awesome. I shot him through the shoulder and the bullet exited.

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