TSX or partition?


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Sep 24, 2003
south carolina
First off I realize I am splitting hairs, however here goes.

I am not a fan of the 243 win for deer, but after a lot of agonizing, I have bought a Marlin XS7 youth for my son. I intended to put as many odds in our favor as possible by using 100 gr Partitions. Brass has been hard to find so a friend gave me a couple hundred pieces and also a full box of Barnes 85 TSXs.

Is there any downside to either, the TSX are lighter than I intended to use, but tend to penetrate a little deeper than partitions by what I have read.

Is there any reason for me to not believe that they will work just as well as the Partitions?
The 85 gr. TSX are as good or better than the 100 gr. partitions. Penetration and expansion are both great with the TSX. Also, the 243 is better than you think, with a well placed shot it is a very efferctive cartridge for deer sized game and under.

So, I would say, just load the TSX and go fill up the freezer and the photo album!

Good Luck!

As long as you keep your distances in the mid-range, Sierra makes an 85 grain HPBT Gameking that is an absolute hammer on deer. It is relatively inexpensive and very accurate...
Good luck!
I agree with x3mhunter. The front part of the partition blows away at impact leaving the rear portion and much less than 85 grains. The tsx will perform, penetrate better and probably leave close to 80 grains.
I think the .243 will serve you VERY well as a deer rifle. Either of the bullets you mentioned should work well and for that matter, a lot of the lower priced bullets would do just fine. I would shoot what the rifle likes best as long as it is a hunting bullet...Rich
Neither... If you want penetration go with the 90 gr E-Tip. It has a much better BC than the TSX or Partition. It will hit a lot harder at longer ranges than the other two.

90 E-Tip, .403
85 TSX, .333
100 PT, .384

No reason in the world to go with a lesser BC for long range shooting unless the accuracy is better, and I have found the E-Tips to shoot very well.

Thanks for the replies,

As this rifle is for my SON, who is 6, his shots will be under 200yards. I will load both and see what the rifle likes.

I currently run a reduced load in my 308 rem 788 for him, but the recoil is a little more than he likes. I have ran the numbers and the 243 will have about 25% less recoil, so I hope he will shoot more. He shot 20 rounds of 22 lr sunday at a 3" bull at 100 yards and hit it 19 times, but has missed 3 bucks this year with the 308. I have to figure out if it is buck fever, or the gun.
I was skeptical about a 243 for deer as well until I bought one 4 years ago for coyotes and now for out to 450 yards for deer I love my 243. so far I have shot 4 deer with the 85 gr tsx and granted 2 were spine shots but I have not had a deer yet walk or run after being shot with that bullet(one just kind of laid down and the other fell over after 2 steps). 90 gr swift sorrocos work well too and I have also had luck with the 95 gr berger. Best of luck to you and your son.
I started my wife,kids and grand kids out with an 85 grain Sierra and a minimum powder charge of 4350 in the 243.

At the range you indicate and further the 80gr Barnes will not do any better than any other 80 grain bullet. They will all drop the deer or whatever at 2800fps.

I just had some first hand observations out of a buddy's 243 last week on whitetails in eastern Wy. The 90 gr scirraco's did an excellent job, even on a buck that was point and shoot running at 10 feet! Bullets stayed together and did their stuff.
I think he will like the 243 much better and get his deer with it. I built my son a 243 AI when he was 7-8. He had no trouble busting gallon jugs with it at a quarter mile. No recoil and he loved to shoot it. Good luck with your choice.
Someone mentioned the scirocco. They are one of the best performing bullets that I have tested (if you can get them to shoot accurately)....Rich
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