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  • I think I made the cut on the bottom of the die to allow the die to be closer to the shell holder.
    I just ordered some 338 RUM dies from Redding with the micrometer to load my 250 grain Berger VLDs. Unfortunately, I am having the same problem you listed a few years ago. I saw that your fix was to throw the die on a lathe, and take .10 off of the seating plug and the micrometer. I wanted to know if this solved the problem for you?

    Also, I don't have a lathe to cut the threads back on the plug and micrometer. Wondering what type of lathe you used, and if most machinists would be able to help me out?

    If you read his response, he states that he has dropped his powder charge down to 93 grains of h-1000, my guess is his brass wasn't able to hold primers. He was probably way hot in his load.
    Hey I seen you commented on that guy posting load success with 285 hpbt hornady in his 338 rum he claimed to be settled on 96 grains of h-1000 and coal of 3.72 with a velocity something like 2950 fps this was in 2013 I commented on it so it brought it back up in the reloading forum, if you would like to refresh your memory. Do you think he was truthful would this load be safe to shoot? I'm trying to get data for the 285 Amax but I want to verify that this is even safe to come close to
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