TRAMA,Action dedding question????


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
I have Remington 700 long action with a 30" Pac-Nor 1.20 Straight barrel W/Brake I need to bed it into a HS-Precision PSS/Tactical stock.I Do not want to use a barrel block.How would you guys go about makeing this work?.Best compound to use Etc,I need to make this work.....

I guess you're asking about how to take the weight of the barrel off the action during the bedding process so that the bedding supports the barrel once completed. I've used JB Weld in the past and have also used Accraglass and Bisonite. Use a release agent and apply it liberally to the barrel for a good distance from the action (4 -5 inches or more). I glass with the bipod attached to the stock and use a support to remove/support the barrel weight so the glass eventually holds the barrel in conjunction with the action. Darryl probably has better ideas as I'll bet he's done it more than me.
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