action quality question

I'm soliciting opinions regarding quality of factory built actions for a DIY custom build.

Rem 721 adjustable shoulder
Savage LA or SA adjustable shoulder
Howa 1500 LA adjustable shoulder
Tikka T3x fixed shoulder.

Headspace will be set using appropriate go/no-go gauges for an adjustable shoulder build, but I'm not certain if I should do that with a Tikka T3x fixed shoulder build. Barrel/barrel nuts will be torqued to manufacturer's spec with appropriate torque wrench.

This is a "practice" build to gain experience before I purchase a high end custom action such as Zermatt, Curtis, etc. None of these builds are intended for competitive shooting just my personal plinking/hunting use.

Feedback/advise is appreciated.

I've started on a Rem721 - difficult to remove the barrel. Had to take a hammer and beat on the action wrench handle quite violently to loosen the barrel. Hopefully, the action isnt torqued. But the barrel is off. Now I''m wondering what the best way will be to ensure the recoil lug is properly positioned when the new barrel is attached. Learning as I go. Thankfully the new barrel wont arrive for a few weeks.
Needless to say, it has been an eye opening experience. I dont know how to include photos with this text as I use a desktop more than my cell phone. Lots to learn and comprehend.
All suggestions welcome.
Live and learn.

Bultinkle, all I need to learn is how to get cell phone photos to my computer. Gosh, all I wanted to do was tinker around and build something. My Social media skills are non-existent.
I'm reminded of father saying to me, often things get to be like dog turds - the more you stir 'em the more they stink... I'll catch up eventually.
Thanks to Bultinkle for his helpful hints... I may have to ask my granddaughters for help. :eek:
Ah I misread and thought you were here on cell. You can plug it In to the usb port with the wall charger cord usually. Or email to yourself on the cell depending on your cell (if it can email)
Mine is an older style but here are some pics. Yes absolutely worth it. It will hold the lug in place when you tighten the barrel nut down.


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