That time of year again - Colorado hunt planning


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Sep 19, 2002
Time to figure out how to come up with extra cash to float to the Division of Wildlife. The hunt before the hunt. Running statistics, success rates and poring over maps - all to end up in the same honey holes we have been going to for years.
For all of you Colorado non-residents, go to and get your big game applications and regulations on the way.
I will happily trade general information on hunting Colorado for the information you guys are able to give on killing things at long distances.

If you run into my crew out there, we would be glad to show you how it's done.

Avalanche/marble area most every year. I don't tell to many people were we are exactly for obvious reasons. WE do go back to the same place/area every year though.

If I remember correctly, you have some fine horses.

If you run into ANY longrange hunters from PA. almost all of them will show you how it's done.

Darryl Cassel

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Thanks DC

I am learning plenty just by monitoring. I have learned that I do not have the resources (time, money) to do REAL long range hunting. I can come up with the resources and justification to learn the basics and take the first steps.

I am getting a "carry" rifle that will hopefully get me out to the 800 yard range. Based on availablility it will be a Remington 700 .300 SAUM with a muzzlebrake, bedded, trued with trigger work.
The big question I have now is the scope. I do not want one too big or too heavy, but I do want one that will give me the adjustment I need to kill anything inside 800 yards. I played with the idea of mil-dot but learned its primary use is ranging. Will probably get a basic duplex. I am hoping target knobs won't get in the way of a saddle scabbard, but I think I can work around that.
I hope to absorb more information by going to a range where folks are shooting distances.

Anyway, great site. Much to be learned then implemented. I really like the positive attitude that everyone has - even when disagreeing.

Let me know if you want general information on hunting Colorado. I won't divulge any real secrets or locations, but I think I can help some have a fun hunt.
Thanks again DC.
I have been eyeing those as an option. What do you think I would be sacraficing if I went with a 40mm objective instead of the 50?
I would prefer to keep the package a little more streamlined, but if I will gain a substantial amount of clarity with the 3 oz weight and height difference I would make the compromise.

I think the 40MM will work just fine for you with the ranges you want to extend to.

The 50mm with the 30 MM tube does grab more light and is a very nice scope with more features, but for fitting in a saddle scabbard, the 40MM might be a better choice for you?

Compare them side by side and you will be able to make the choice.

Good luck.

You may want to look at the Leupold LR scopes in the 6 1/2X to 20X (30MM tube and side wheel focus) with Target knobs or one of the standard 6 1/2X to 20X with the 1" tube and target knobs. The second one is lighter and more compact then the LR series.
The duplex comes in both.

Leupold does put the lower Target knobs on if you want.

Thanks again DC.
Will the 44 MOA adjustment be enough to get me on without having to get any special rings or bases?
Do you have any recomendations on rings or bases for my needs?

For reaching way out there, You can get the Burris sight-a-line rings with the .020" inserts which will give you plenty of elevation in the scope.

If your keeping the expected shooting range down to 800 yards and less, you will be able to reach that with just standard rings and the 6 1/2X to 20X Leupold with Target knobs. That scope has a potential of 4 complete revolutions of elevation starting at the very bottom. That's 60 clicks or 15 MOA per revolution or 240 clicks/60 MOA total.
If the scope is centered on level bases and rings that would mean you would have 30MOA or 120 clicks from a 100 Yd zero because the zero would now be half way up the scopes potential elevation adjustment.

For example.
A standard 30/06 with a 180 gr Sierra Game King bullet would need 24 MOA (96 clicks) to get to 800 yards.
With level mounts and rings the 30/06 will get to 800 yards with that scope starting in a centered elevation position.

QuietH. I do a lot of backpack hunting with a friend for long-range elk and deer with custom XP's out close to Durango. I'm currently using a 6.5-284, and my friend is using a 7.82 Patriot. We have been using the 3-12X LER Burris with Ballistic Plex reticle, and i've also used the Ballistic Mil-Dot on a riflescope, and although I haven't used any other reference/ranging system other than Burris's, I can't imagine a finer system for the price.
Hi SS,
Thanks for the information. I have looked at the Burris solutions and while I like the concept, I don't think it is for me. I like their optics, but all things being equal the Burris seems to weigh 5 - 8 oz more than the Leupolds. I spent some time shooting coyotes over a carcass in the moonlight through a Burris Black Diamond and was very impressed with the optics, but not for something I want to carry when there are other options.
I have a rangefinder, so determining distance should not be an issue, just hitting things at distance!
I plan to buy a Leupold - either 4.5-14 or 6.5-20 with target turrets. Going to take the time, develop a mean load, create a drop chart and practice shooting it at the distances I hope to hunt.
Still waiting for the gun, then permission from my financial advisor (wife) to buy the scope, rings, bases. Big potential for layoffs at work so may have more time than money soon.
Yeah, i just got a fiancee, and am starting to figure out the "financial advisor" thing. I'm trying to get all my guns built now, before it's too late.
Very wise thing to do. Bring all the toys you can into the marriage.
I married the daughter of my hunting buddy. He was also a Division of Wildlife biologist. This makes her understand and dislike my passions even more. She cannot understand why I disappear for half the summer all all of the fall. And she has no real interest in learning.
I get jealous everytime I hear about the gun Brent is building for his wife, or the 1800 yard shot Darryl's wife made

Maybe there is hope for my son and daughter
QH, ever do any rockchucking in the mtns. Went up last year for a sheep hunt, and the marmots were everywhere in the Sangre's. I'd love to get a backpack group of LR handgunners together for this sometime.
I'm new around here although I've been lurking all week, and I'm not anywhere near as knowledgeable as Darryl Cassel - theres no doubt he's probably forgot more about longrange shooting than I know. But...let me toss out a suggestion or two that may help you a little. Take it from a fellow Coloradoan who's been hunting off a mule for the last 23 years - those target knobs make pulling a gun out of a scabbard a real pain in the ***. Got rid of mine years ago. Don't like to recall the times I rode up on elk and there I was dancing around with my mule looking like I was trying to pull a stump out of the ground.
Got smart and took the target turrets off and instead had dots installed out to 800 yards by Premier Reticle. By the way, I shoot a .300 RUM in a Remington Sendero - stock bedded, action trued, with a "fine" trigger. My scopes a Leupold 4.5x14x40 big enough to see what I want to shoot but slick enough I can still shuck it from a scabbard. Why I can be plopped on the ground, rangefinder out, bipod down, and laying on my reins ready to shoot in no time these days. Oh, one other suggestion - LOSE THE HORSE - get yourself a GOOD mule. There I'm done. You can take it from here Darryl.
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