Thanks to Len Backus and family!

445 supermag

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Mar 4, 2015
NJ Down the shore
Thank you Len for such a great place for not only knowledge but friendships.
I never knew how much I didnt know till I came here and opened my mind. I am NOT a long range shooter (me being from NJ negates that possibility) as I just dont have any access to that kind of range. But what I did learn from all of you is for the driving force for perfection in your/our reloads. I mean I never and I mean never took it more than just use any brass, put primer shove powder seat the bullet so it fits in the gun and go shoot. Have to say I was lucky it worked for a lot of years because I did cross the state to PA to use a rifle but then my farthest shot in PA on a deer was about 60 yards.

As I get older wiser and read and read some more I just am dumbfounded that this old dog can still learn. I learned a lot about brass, BC. What good bullets are and seating depth , SD and ES actually are more than just a number. But how well the load you created are in harmony with your rifle for perfection.

My GOD Len you and your site is an education for many like me and I personally thank you and the other smart ones who call this place home away from home.

I dont post much but I read a lot.

Thanks again



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Jul 26, 2015
You got me beat. My wife and I only go back to '67 but I know that having a lifelong partner really makes the world a happier place. Congrats Len.


May 11, 2019
Malvern, Ohio
I too would like to Thank you, Len Backus, for this site. I have just recently purchased my 1st Rifle for Long Range Hunting use. But I have spent months before ordering reading in this Forum. A wealth of information is an understatement. I search these posts every morning. I am new to Reloading and to Long Range, but through this site it seems that I may already be addicted.

Thanks again to you, your Staff, and all the wonderful Members,



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Feb 8, 2013
Thanks from me also, Len this is the best forum that I know of! Great guys great information! That doesn’t happen by accident. Len you do a great job along with your staff. Congratulations on your anniversary.


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Apr 11, 2011
San Antonio, TX
Thanks Len and Andy. I stumbled upon your website about 7 years ago as I began my reloading career. This has been a place for invaluable information and I've made quite a few friends here. In fact, the 7 STW forum here was the reason I purchased one and it is one of my all time favorites. Andy was so helpful when I wanted to get outfitted in Sitka gear for an upcoming elk hunt.
So, again, thanks Len and Andy.........we truly appreciate you


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LRH Team Member
Jan 23, 2014
As most of us, who belong to this website are sitting inside of our homes, during this troubling moment in our lives, what would we do without the social interaction this site gives us? How would we be able to further find helpful advice and information on a daily basis? How would we acquire new friendships from other areas and share our insights and ideas? Where could we find such great comadrie with others who embrace our passion for shooting?
Without a gentleman named Len Backus, whose foresight and hardships resulted in this website for our enjoyment, whose name resonates with those of us long timers, what would we be doing now? It is times like this we fail to appreciate the things we take for granted. Today I hope everyone here will give a shout out of thanks to Len Backus.
Len, I honestly can't thank you enough!
Thank you to, Len.


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Sep 20, 2005
Central AZ
I love that story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Len, give me a call if you ever get down to AZ again. I have a couple new areas where we can stretch our legs.

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