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Feb 26, 2002
Wyoming, USA
I'll second Ian's comments.

I've learned much at this forum and found the atmosphere pleasantly cordial.

I am a long time hunter who began investigating LR hunting less than two years ago so I'm still very much a cherry. The rifle I am just finishing is my first long range arm and being assembled primarily for LR varminting.

This project is a result of information gleaned here and some of the pieces were purchased, used, from members here. Not only have I received instruction here, I have saved a nice chunk of cash.

Prior to my investigation of LR shooting, I was one of those hunters who lambasted the LR crowd as I never took a shot beyond 300 yards and believed those who did were acting irresponsibly. My position was one of ignorance.

Now, as a proponent of LR hunting, (done responsibly, of course), I have found myself out of favour at most of the hunting sites I used to frequent.

I would imagine I'll get over it!


Just want to thank you for bringing such excellent info to this forum - you have already shared a lot with us and I am sure that everyone is looking forward to much more.
This is not SniperCountry with its operators and wannabees (it is a great site in its own realm), nor is it some hunting chatline where everyone looks for an opportunity to **** in someone elses cornflakes. Len put together very sound guidelines and we are all very fortunate that his generosity is working. Fact is the regulars here also do their bit to keep it working, thanks to everyone.
Welcome and many thanks for your contributions and time on Lens site here. I hope there is something this site has to offer everyone too. The atmosphere here is something else compared to other sites, beyond my expectations from the begining. There are many experienced people contributing these days and I enjoy all that have stayed around.
Look, you guys. I didn't do much other than to create a place with a few rigid rules about making our discussions productive and without emotional conflict. Beyond the establishment of those simple rules you are the reason it continues to work, not I.

Some days I am still amazed at the quality of info being casually thrown around on this site! Do you know how many books, magazines and other resources you'd have to first identify and then track down to equal just one week's worth of info that appears here? And of course, some of the authors or creators of those searched-for publications or of those new technical innovations are right here generously holding court! We are fortunate.
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