Stuffs werkin good again


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Jan 28, 2007
South Dakota
After more late nights than I care to remember I think I gotz all my software glitches and demons exorcised.

Here's the latest, a 300 Rem Ultra Mag that I'm whittlin on.







Question: bottom most image - bedding.

I see pillar bedding? what are shiny marks perpendicular to center line, on both sides of mounting screw hole?

I usually end up with the same kinds of lines but not so defined in line with the center line after skim bedding which I do after pillar bedding.

Also, your level of precision seems a few orders of magnitude above what I am used to seeing, especially with the little things that I do.:)

The wittle lines are part of my pillars. A little different than what most are used to seeing. Just another way to skin kittens.


Quite the software you got there and the bedding is second to none. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
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"you da' man. . ."

Uhm, thanks but not so much. . .

I almost had a big oops today. . .

Part of my business is machining restoration parts for antique H/D bikes. 1905-1920 to be specific. the 1909 engine uses an atmospheric intake valve. meaning there's no camshaft to actuate it. It opens soley on the vacuum created by the piston as it moves to BTC after the exhaust stroke.

Well, these engines are ULTRA rare. There's less than 10 in the world that run. A cylinder (one cylinder) is worth over $20K if its servicable. "We" spent some big money having cylinders cast from scratch to put a few of these engines together. I'm making the valve pockets for them out of 4140 aerospace certified 2" bar stock and I almost screwed up about $5k worth of parts.

YEASH!! Luckily I caught the woops and we were able to make a slight mudderfication and save the parts.

Nothing like enginidioting on the fly!!

Thanks again for the kind words. Feels really good to be washing coolant and saw dust off my hands again and not middle eastern sand!

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