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Sep 22, 2009
north platte ne
Hi everone iam thinking of changing the stock on my 338 edge. The stock thats on it is the original. Sendaro stock .. I really like the b c medealist tactial a5. But what what ive read and hear its real heavy. Guess iam looking for somthing like that . If you have any ideas iam all ears. Thank you.
Manners T3A, although personally I don't think 4 pounds and some change is all that heavy, I prefer the Bell and Carlsons.
You won't pick up a cheap stock that approaches the quality of your HS Precision Sendero stock.

If you want to actually upgrade from what you have it's going to cost you at least 500-650.00 to get it done.
to go to the b+c medalist over the HS would be a substantial downgrade. I like the B+C stocks because they are economical, and much better than an injection moulded stock, but they are the entry into fiberglass.
The HS is one step up, and really as far as you need to go for precision. To step up from the HS its McMillan or Manners. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to stocks, and you pay through the nose for them.
I think that the b+c stocks are great, and think that I am going to get a medalist for a .280 I have when it somes time for a upgrades, but if you have an HS i would keep it.
In reality its not about price, its about what you want. The B&C he was talking about isn't an intro stock its almost 500$. I have 3 medalist, 1 HS pro, a Bruce Baer bench stock, and all BS aside the most accurate rifle I have wears a unbedded Medalist A2. If that's what you want get it, they will be just as expensive as the others before to long, and they are not lacking in quality.
Precision Stock Works in New Braunfels will be where I go for my next stock.

McMillan builds the stocks for them but it is their original design. It has many of the same features as the A3 sporter and McMillan HTG.

Most practical stock I've seen for someone like me who primarily shoots from a sitting supported or prone position.
McMillan or Manners. With out sounding crass, I agree with the above fellas, the B&C is a down grade. To be fair, I still own the HS that came on my SA remmy. It's a fine stock & i'm pleased with it. I own two Manners MCT T-5's, one McMillan A-5 & have another on order. I've also been around several B&C's, they are not in the same category as Manners or McwMillan.

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