Tripod ideas


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May 13, 2005
El Reno,Ok.
I'm looking for a tripod to use with a 80mm spotting scope and 15x binoculars. Will be used sitting on hill sides and standing.

It will be important to:
- accommodate my height of 6'4"
- collapses short enough to use in sitting position
- adjustable leg angles
- very sturdy/solid lock up
- relatively light

Also looking for a super solid pan head with quick detach features so could use some ideas with them as well.
Whoops, mistaken posted this in the wrong location! Will repost in there correct area.

Well you said a great deal about what you want, but there are a few things you didn't say or at least say clearly.
Ive been using various tripods for almost 50 years while long range hunting in PA. Fact is so has just about everybody else who hunts l/r there.
All the l/r hunting there is done from a fixed location, and not by walking about and glassing from various locations. Often however lots of walking is done in order to reach the hunting spot.
Also, setting up on steep terrain happens there at times and that's when the adjustable legs come into play. Otherwise the angle leg feature is of less importance.
Standing while glassing could well pose the biggest problem, especially for a tall person.
My recommendation would be to learn to sit, even directly on the ground if necessary at some locations.
Bogen/Monfrotto makes a variety of very good tripods and different type heads. Very few of them however would suffice for a tall person to stand while glassing, even with the center post elevated to the max. For sitting however even on steep slopes, the rather small 3001 model is hard to beat and very reasonable, especially bought used on Ebay.
Heads are another subject, and depend largely on how fussy the user is as for smoothness of use.
Pretty much all of the newer Bogen heads will have a quick disconnect feature. Aftermarket devices can be had very reasonably for the ones that don't have them. The various fluid heads will be the smoothest to use, but also pricier to buy, and often bulkier. The standard 3030 head is a good size match for the 3001 tripod and as a rule work very well for glassing. The 3047 size is the same design but larger in size. With that design you can level the head even when the tripod itself isn't level. Most fluid heads wont allow that, so there are some tradeoffs.
For standing, and places where size/weight aren't a big issue, go to Ebay and look at Husky tripods in the used area. Also called Elevator at times.
They really aren't all that heavy, but heavier than most would want to carry about.
But they are very solid tripods that a 6'6" person could easily stand behind and use. Look for one with 3 section legs. The head will not have a quick disconnect, so an aftermarket will be needed.
Also some will have a coil spring leveling devise on the head and others wont.
I recently bought one on Ebay for $19.95 plus $22.00 shipping, as I was the only bidder and bought it for the starting bid.
Some of the old military tripods are also very good but will as a rule need a head. Again, not always good for standing or lugging around, but probably the best for sidehill locations.
Best to have several at your disposal, including a window mount, and select accordingly.
Can't beat the spartan Sentinel. Quickly swap to put your rifle on it as well. All I use.
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