Sightron S-Tac 4-20x50


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Jun 22, 2020
Duncan Oklahoma
Looking to set up a 300 WM for some longer range shooting and hunting. Rifle is a Bergara B-14 Ridge. I came across a good sale on CameralandNY. They have the sightron s-tac series on what appears to be a pretty good sale. Can anyone tell me about them? Your help would be appreciated.
I have had a Sightron S-Tac on two different Bergaras' over the last year. The glass isn't great it is adequate, but the MOA dot-style reticle and tracking are very good out to 1000. IMHO, you'll have to spend more money to get an equal scope in other brands.
Second! I have one I've had on several rifles. Is it a SIII no, but i love getting behind the MOA-2 reticle just like on my top rifles with SIIIs. Wish I had one of the newer ones with exposed turrets. Great scope to pick up for what they are selling for, good tracking and adjustment range.
I have 3 sightrons. 1 SIII 6-24x50 on a dasher and a SIII STAC 8-32x56 on a 28 nosler and just got the S VIII 5-40x56. All track very well. The glass is OK in the SIII but have seen clearer. The new S VIII is considerably clearer. My gunsmith checked the tracking in my 8-32x56 and said that it tracked better than his nightforce. The S VIII glass is comparable to the nightforce ATACR. Supposedly sightron is coming out this year with a SVIII 5-30x56 this year. I am holding out.
If you were deciding between a 6-20x50 vortex viper and this optic, which would you choose? Assuming price was relatively the same?
If you were deciding between a 6-20x50 vortex viper and this optic, which would you choose? Assuming price was relatively the same?
I have 2 viper pst 6-24x50 and I have been good with tracking in the vipers but I have the gen1 and no issues. The eye box is not the best on the gen 1. I looked through a gen 2 and I think they have a better eye box than gen1 and maybe clearer. Not sure if the new SIII is better or not. Personally we found a gen 1 razor 5-20x50 used and paid a little over a grand and it was much better for clarity and low light no to mention guarantees are really good. I am watching for a gen1 razor or 2 but also considering a sightron PLR or STAC VIII 5-30x56. All depends on how much you want to spend and needs that you want to meet.
I am a big Sightron fan, I have 5 of them. Three SIII 6-24x50's, one SIII 8-32x56 and a STAC 4-20x50. The STAC is a fine scope, it tracks perfectly and the glass is good, not quite as good as the SIIIs but still darn good. I don't think you'll find a better scope in it's price range. My experience with the Vortex Viper line is limited but I did own a Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50 for a while. In my opinion the STAC glass is superior.
Another option is the vortex razor LHT. Good glass and a lot of guys are going to them and light. Price I just seen a new one listed for 1199.99. I wil say my sightrons track well but when we were out west and got into low light I lost my crosshairs and our gen 1 razor I could see the crosshairs and was much brighter. I was comparing my SIII S TAC 8-32x56?to a gen 1 razor 5-20x50. In low light my old razor had the advantage. If you are thinking of longrange hunting you might want to consider that game sometimes moves at the last minute after the sunsets.
I have 3 Sightrons, one of them is a 4-20x STAC. It's an awesome scope for the money and I don't think you'll get anything better for the price. I've had Vortex and Athlon scopes that both cost more than the Sightron that weren't as nice as the STAC. All of my scopes I use often are Sightrons and that's what I plan to use for future scopes as well.