Sierra Gameking vs. Nosler Accubond


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Aug 27, 2012
I am working up a load for this years deer season in my Rem 700 270 wsm. I am loading Sierra 140 gr Gamekings with H4831 shooting at 3100fps. I have never used Nosler Accubonds and am wanting opinions on which would be better. Shooting whitetail and muleys out to 500 yrs.
I have shot hundreds of WT deer. Used to do crop damage control. The Sierra bullets are just as good as any bullet and better than some for WT deer. If your Sierra is shooting accurately and you have already done the load work then why change? Actually the Sierra will work better at long range than the Accubond as for expansion. The Accubond is a bonded bullet with a little thicker rear part of the jacket than the ballistic tip. In performance it flies like a Ballistic Tip but acts like a Partition on impact. They cost over twice as much as the Sierras though. Just my two cents worth.
I've used Game King's on elk with great results. The lead tip deforms a little in the mag box during recoil but they still fly good.
gamekings kill very well.

Hope you mean lead tip Gamekings. :D I have used these with success on deer and coyotes but I like Hornaday sst's better. They fly flatter at longer range.

The hollowpoint Gamekings just pencil through.

I like the Nosler AB's for elk. They penetrate better. But then LT Gamekings have never failed to just took several shots.
I personally load 140 Accubonds in my 270WSM, & hunt to 600+ for Deer, & Bear, & if conditions allow, Elk to 500-600 yds. But in all fairness I've never had any experience with Sierra bullets of any kind.
I've killed with both and it doesn't really matter which you let fly. They'll both hold about 60% of their weight and they'll both go through most anything you wack with 'em. Shoot what your pipe likes with these two and don't worry. My longest kill is with a 140 grain 7mm sierra fb at 700 yards + offhand on a mule deer, so I am a bit partial to the little green box.
I use the 140ghpbt Sierra and they work great but if loaded to higher velocity and used at close range they may fragment after penetrating which is ok. At the speed you are using them at they would be fine.

The 140g Accubonds I used made pencil holes and weren't worth using. I made a 3 shot group in the ribcage of a whitetail buck and the exit holes were not much bigger than the entrance.

I like the 140g Interbond, they are more likely to expand than the accubond and stay in one piece pretty good.
We haven't had any trouble with the sierra's breaking up on deer, but the shots aren't usually close and we don't try to find bone. I did put one seirra 7mm 140 grain pro-hunter through a deer's hip socket running at 300yards(forward raking shot) shot from a 7mag at 3200 fps launch velocity though. It held 60% but was rather mangled.
I shot a deer head on with a 140hpbt at 3250fps, about 50 yards. There were shards of jacket in the tenderlions.

looking forward to comparing notes later in the season....

I am loading 140 gr accubonds over H4831sc at 3,120 fps (270 win).

last year was shooting 130 gr accubonds at 3,200 fps and all 5 whiteils shot between 350 and 485 yards dropped in their tracks, as did two hogs at closer ranges. coyotes shot at closer distance ran some....

no experience loading other bullets except Barnes XXX, which did "pencil through" at mid to long range...
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