shoot 40 or 44cal for 5-10 cents a piece!


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Feb 22, 2008
Hay guys, I know it is not on the subject of long range hunting but I'm sure there are many of you that enjoy shooting pistols. Maybe even hunting with them. let me show you how to make a 40 or 44 cal bullet with one stroke of the press on the CHEAP!

For the price of the powder and a primer you can shoot your own home made brass JHPs!

I am offering a great deal on a die to make 40 or 44 cal jacketed bullets from either comercial jackets or readily avialble 9mm and 40 S&W brass. With one stroke from a deccent reloading press a very good bullet can be made.

The dies I use are from CH4d tool and die. I buy the die sepperate then upgrade it with better parts to make it stronger and easier to opperate. I would like to offer it here for $100 shipped for a 40 cal and $125 shipped for the 44. Of course you would need lead, some scrap brass, a cheap bullet mold and a way to melt some lead. The 9mm and 40 S&W brass used for the jackets can be found around 3 cents a piece. There is plenty of info on this technique and many are willing to help with dificulties or ?s.

For anyone ever courious this is a great way to give it a try with a pretty cheap investment. Just look at Corbin's stuff and compare. Inturn you would be allowing me to put a couple dollors in my pocket rather then buying the weaker parts from CH.

I would require USPS money order up frount. It may take a few weeks as I would have to wait for the dies to ship form ch but I stand behind my work. if you guys are willing to wait I will take what time is necessary to provide a quality tool the will work as discribed.

I would include a few samples of brass and the lead cores I use as well as sample bullets made from each individual die just like the 1 MOA garentee target that is included with some of new riffles nowdays. I would also include a bit of Anhydrous Lanolin that is used as a swage lube.

Imagine shooting so cheap and never buying a factory bullet again!

Here is some pics of what I am offering.






Feel free to check out my many custom bullet projest as I have posted a lot on photobucket.

Pictures by BTSniper - Photobucket

Good shooting and thanks for your time,


BT Sniper
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