older 10-10 vs 5-10 scale

Don't think the 5-10 or 10-10 would be any more accurate than the 5-0-5 but I do prefer the rotary dial poise than the movable poise system. I've had a 5-10 for many years and it's a good scale. Still I prefer my Pact Precision electronic. I have the GemPro 250 also but for weighing every powder charge the Pact is faster. I compared weights with my RCBS 5-10 versus the Pact and they are identical. Compared the Pact and if I trickle up slowly until the number just changes they are the same on the GemPro. All so close and within 1/10th grain or less in comparison. I'd recommend the 5-10 or 10-10 over the 5-0-5 just because of the dial poise or the 10-10 if you need the ability to weigh heavier items. My 5-10 has set in a drawer most of the time since having electronic scales. Need a good Scale Check Weight Set to get confidence with any scale whether balance or electronic. On my GemPro 250 it's surprising that my Lyman check weights are all except the 50 grain weight very close or exactly the weight they are supposed to be. My 50 grain check weight always weighs 49.9? and not 50 exactly. Even GemPro says you need expensive precision lab check weights to get exact weights. The GemPro while having the ability to show two decimal places or tenths of 1/10 grain, it is a bit tedious trickling and trying to make it stop exactly on weight. Not sure that level of accuracy is necessary and probably only in extreme long distance in specialty loads in match grade rifles?
could those of you with experience tell me if there was much difference in QUALITY between the older RCBS 10-10 scale and the 5-10 scale
In 1971 I bought my first RCBS Rockchucker reloading kit.. It came with a 5-10 scale. I bought a RCBS #: 98993 check weight kit at the same time and have never looked back. Keep the contact points clear of lubricant, dust, dirt and it keeps on working well. It never needs readjustment during a loading session. I have bought electronic scales since but I always go back to the 5-10. I bought an extra one on ebay "just in case" but nothing has ever happened, so it sets in a box. I agree that the 10-10 is the same scale just with a much more robust base. On assignment once in a lab I ran across an Ohaus scale that was a clone of the 10-10, just a different color. The lady in charge of the lab had nothing but good things to say about it.
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