Shake up at "Best of The West"

Might take some heat for this..BUT, I can see where this guy is coming from. Being in sales all of my professional career, you lose credibility if you are selling one product telling everyone this is the only way of doing it, this is the best period and then you start working for a competitor.

Yes, I have been in this situation and declined new opportunities to save integrity, if you whore yourself out, that is what your customers will think of you. Like it or not. Perception is Reality!

I do think the new system he is selling is a "better" system, but I have to take it with a grain of salt coming from a guy that was very good at selling the other system. Do I fault a guy for moving his career forward, no, but you have to face up to the public opinion.
For those that know him personally and will follow him where ever he goes, great, but for those that only have what he has said to go on, it may be a tough pill to swallow, that a sales guy might not have been honest with them.
The life of a sales guy, Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t. I wish the new venture well and I will keep shooting my Nightforce!
NOMEX underwear on!
Well stated!
You can't even get in touch with Cooper right now. They don't answer their phone or return e-mails.

I unfortunately own which looks and shoots great now, but I would never buy another one or a push feed rifle again.
Interesting. I am the exact opposite. I would not buy a control round feed. The only 2 experiences I had with jaming were with control round feed.
Well this is an ancient and forgotten thread but I am very pleased with Huskemaw and BOTW right now.
I had purchased one of the original 5x20 scopes in 2010 right before the Blue Diamond came out. It's been a great scope on my 7 RUM with quite a bit of use. Just recently started shooting irratically so after some inspection of everything decided to send the scope back in for an inspection. I was pleasantly surprised to find a brand new Blue Diamond waiting at home this evening. The communication from them has been a little slow but they sure took care of my scope. Only 3 weeks from day I shipped the old one to receiving the new one so I'm a happy hunter.
Gunwerks: So what your saying is the scope you have been promoting for the last few years is now second best? WTH! I have a huskemaw scope and am a little more that disgruntled at the fact that you guys promoted this scope as the end all be all and now you are jumping ship and heading another direction. To me that is a travesty. Thanks for getting us to spend over 1300 bucks for a scope that is maybe not what all the hype was. Thanks for letting us down. I know i will not purchase another huskemaw, and i will not purchase a G7, it will be a nightforce from the parent company, not one built to your specs and will put money in your pocket. Anyone else feel a bit betrayed or is it just me?
Imagine spending $1300 and thinking you have the best scope made🤣🤣 my ZCO was literally 3Xs that and TT may be better
Life is always changing. People move on. I haven't purchases a range finder in a long time. I guess I'll to see what come up. People outgrow each other, and things have to change. So it maybe for the best. They have a very good name presently. You still get model T. I bet it's freeway fast. If that was the case, then don't get a new one. I am sure you'll be behind. I think they were building the best at the time. So now they are going to build a new model that better.

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