Shake up at "Best of The West"

The husky and NF may share glass from the same manf. but that is about it.
The husky has a zero stop but it is a different design then NF.
Husky is made and assembled in japan.
NF are made ? and assembled in the states last I knew but that may have changed in todays climate.
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I'm with Sharpsman. It's the Indian behind the arrow that matters. All these things are just tools. No matter how simplified, complicated, well packaged or pitched they are, tools don't allow any of us to make first round hits out long. Only practice does!!! And lots of it.

If a barrel maker comes out with a better technology tomorrow that makes my rifles more accurate, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to incorporate it into my builds. Same for actions, stocks, bases, rings, slings and all the rest. And if based on a lot of experience in the field, I find a better scope, reticle, rangefinder, binoculars, pack, boots, bipod or any other tool that helps me improve my first round hit ratio, then I'm going to try it. But in trying it, I'm also practicing and that's what counts. Technology is just like the wind - it changes every minute. There's no such thing as a "point and click" solution for what we do.

Ever here the old saying "Beware the man that owns but one gun, he likely knows how to use it"?

Best Wishes to all.
I don`t know much about nothin but I`m inclined to agree with ccc1970, but then I don`t expect anyone to be as straight forward and as honest as me. Seems to me the customer is not always right anymore but it`s more like "screw em, he/she is only one person, there`s plenty more waitin in line to buy our stuff."
Of course I also remember when a handshake was your "word", it was who you were/are. Oh well, guess Im gettin too old and behind the times. Hell I still ain`t got a cell phone and it only took 40 yrs. for me to try this here "compewter thang."


" I also remember when a handshake was your "word", it was who you were/are."

No 'ain't to old' just happen to have been raised in the same era that I was where if you told a got your *** whupped...and good! Bout somewhere around 1947 or so my granddad bought a pair of mules from a guy over the telephone; one of those old 'wall telephones' that hung in the hallway. The ear piece hung on a hook and you took it off to put it up to your ear! Mouthpiece at the front of the box. The old guy what had the mules was probably 100 miles distance but on granddads word...he drove that distance with the mules in his truck; the mules being exactly as described! When he got here at home....granddad reached into his wallet and pulled out 5 $100.00 bills and it was a done deal! A deal made by two gentleman that only knew that their word was their bond! If everyone in America today did business like say a....cotton that agreed to purchase say 50,000 bales of cotton for a price decided upon over the telephone and then....reneged on the deal later....that cotton buyer is FINISHED! He's fish bait because noone will deal with him anymore...word travels fast!! It would be a whole lot better today...if we could back up to the ethical bearing that the older generations had and believed in....THAT'S FOR CERTAIN!!

Hang in there! These 'pewters' ain't half as bad as you think they are!!lightbulb:D
I guy could learn a lot reading this thread. I shoot with Nightforce and love it A year or so ago I was told by reliable sources that Huskemaw was all NF parts assembled in China. 'That true? If not, my other question is does the Husky have the "zero stop"? That feature alone makes the NF worth many $ more than competitors. I'm asking all this cause my buddy likes what I can do using the NF and wonders if the Husky is in the same class.
Just a quick FYI. If you ever plan to go with the Barrett BORS system like I'm thinking, you don't want the zero-stop option. It only works with the non zero-stop model. Always gotta have your eye on that next toy. :D
Thanks for all the support, guys. We pushed the Huskemaw product hard with good results. The scope platform was developed to utilize the BDC/Windage technology I developed and have a patent application in process. Basically, incorporating windage hold values on your custom BDC.

You will see several more shots on the Long Range Pursuit program that feature Huskemaws on the Gunwerks Long Range Shooting Systems. Just like all of the material generated in the last five years for Best of the West features a Gunwerks Shooting System. User video submissions at will probably show shots from all type of rifles and scopes.

As an Engineer, I recognized the differences between the NF and Huskemaw scope. I never claimed HO was better than a NF, only that the compensation system I designed was ideal for most hunting situations, and the Huskemaw scope offered excellent performance for the price.

Things like one piece tube on the NF vs two piece on the Huskemaw. The 1/3 MOA limitation was implemented to get 20 MOA per turn, the hardened bronze parts couldn't handle the finer clicks to get 1/4 MOA per turn. The NF has a steel insert, so wear is not an issue for 1/4 MOA clicks. Because of internal design the NF also has significantly more travel available. Just go through the list, like springs, cemented lenses, and fitted lens cells and you can point out major differences (not to mention quality control).

In the past, the Huskemaw was my product. I wanted to make it the best. Lets just say that there were limitations in what we could do. I'm not a partner anymore, and now I have access to a company that has the capability and inclination to build and thoroughly test the toughest scope on the planet. Nightforce's Quality Assurance program has to be the most stringent in the industry. Frankly, it makes our shooting systems a better value for our customers.

Does that mean the HO wasn't all that we said? Absolutely not. It still features my compensation system, and I hear they are trying to make quality improvements like cemented lenses. Good for them.

However, to support existing customers, we will offer rifle customers a $1000 upgrade to the G7 configuration that includes a full inspection, cleaning, and re-shooting for drop data.

We are very pleased to be working with Nightforce. Jeff, Kyle and the rest of the crew are our kind of people.
I like the old show and the guys at BOTW.

I also like your new products and the new show.

I look forward to more products and episodes from each as well as continued improvements throughout the industry.

However, to support existing customers, we will offer rifle customers a $1000 upgrade to the G7 configuration that includes a full inspection, cleaning, and re-shooting for drop data.

Aaron: Could you clarify what you mean by this? Does this mean if you have a Huskemaw you can upgrade to a G7 Nightforce or is that only on a Huskemaw with one of your rifles?
I would agree to liking the original show before it turned into a 30 min commercial.
I also agree on your word and the hand shake and im a young pup. Weird I know
I was also told Husky was as good as nightforce if not better by the man himself a few yrs back
Hopefully Nightforce products will not offer lesser scopes(ford escort, shelby cobra) G7 or what ever money is put in their pocket. Not saying g7 is a ford escort
Im a believer in npr1 or mildot and figure your own drop data. Helps build you into a better shooter than bells and whistles do or someone that builds it for you to make your $15,000 elk hunt at 700yds a no practice 1 shot wonder
None of this is new technology just a different take and marketing system, when something comes out that is more accurate than moa then there will be something new not just if we start measuring in furlongs
Time will tell, 5yrs from now they will be with Schmidt & Bender. lol. evolution
just my 2 cents let the drama continue. oh and I own a vw, dodge, chevy. Which one is best?depends on what Im using it
I just slapped my husky on a 300 WSM to do some load testing and the first group measured .173" c to c. They are a very good scope. No one should feel handicaped using one. Evolution brings better products, testing determines if the better product is in fact better.
I'd still like to get a picture of the new reticle. I've looked on the g7 site and nothing yet. Oh Aaron...
Being a former employee of both companies I feel I should give my 2 cents about this situation. I feel the break between Aaron and Mike, and the best of the west was inevitable due to many circumstances. One thing many don't realize is the cost of having a show on the Outdoor channel. For some reason sponsers think this is the end all channel for outdoor programming and without airtime on this channel it is very hard to get big sponsers. This meant all of the "profit" made by Gunwerks and Huskemaw went into the TV program. Not much left over for improvements. Aaron is a perfectionist and not being able to innovate and upgrade his products was pushing him to seek alternatives. I am in total agreement that the new "best of the west" is nothing but fancy graphics and commercials. They have lost sight of what got them there in the first place Long Range Shooting. I am glad to see Aaron and Mike's new show has several tech spots. I hope they sitck with the nuts and bolts of long range shooting and hunting. I am personally upgrading all my shooting systems to the new G7 because of the quality of the system. I am excited to also use the new BR2 rangefinder as well. I can't wait to see what Aaron comes up with next!!

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