Best of the West!

I wish they'd stick with their name sake, Best of the West. I'm not interested in high fence whitetails in Texas or crap in New Zealand or wherever else they hunt that isn't western big game. There's enough other crap shows that film nothing but whitetails, exotics or whatever...
I just watched the episode where the goat sits down on his *** while they are claiming shoulder shot=BS they hit it in the liver. I find it hard to watch the best of the west as there is just too much BS and advertizeing. They can take that nifty little tripod anywhere they want but in the real world it is just plain unhandy.....unless you got a guy along just setting it up for ya!
IMHO the Davidson brothers deliver one of the best shows out there,sure they pitch their product but also give a lot of practicle advice and even show the trueth now and then.
I came to the same conclusion years ago with all hunting shows. More exactly coyote hunting shows. Too much advertising, not enough substance. I instead decide who I like, then buy their DVD's.
So much better info is available on youtube on the snipershide channel.
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