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Nov 4, 2005
I have been a fan for years and always enjoyed the show, but this year sucks!

Long range TIPS mean tips to long range hunters and not for newbies! YES, we know we need a good barrel so that is NOT a tip!

I watched a Mulie hunt on the Birch ranch tonight. They CLEARLY adjusted the scope PAST 400 yards but NEVER showed the actual distance on screen the way they used to.
Then standing over the kill they said it was 368 yards ***!

How can you trust a sponsor that shows something clearly but the distance proves them this just another "fish story"?

Very disappointing!
Cooper needs to make a good show or say goodbye!
I am a bit surprised that John Porter still remains affiliated with the show, I thought better of him.

I posted this earlier in another thread but I can't stand how they always show them working the bolt for a follow up shot and nothing comes out of the chamber. It seriously annoys the hell out of me and I won't even watch it anymore.
I dont bother with Best of the West. Long range pursuit is the only hunting show I watch. Mike and Aaron dont dumb everything down to a rediculous level. I dont necissarilly agree with their systems but I enjoy there passion and there ethic.
I dont bother with Best of the West. Long range pursuit is the only hunting show I watch. Mike and Aaron dont dumb everything down to a rediculous level. I dont necissarilly agree with their systems but I enjoy there passion and there ethic.

I 'mostly' tend to agree with you. I do like John Porter tho and he seems like a straight shooter( no pun intended), so I DVR both shows and watch as I can. I think Aaron Davidson is a good engineer. Certainly when the Davidsons left BOTW the show was bound to change but them two shwos are still far and away better than 90% of the rest of the shows that seem to be produced by knobbs fresh out of a bowling alley. 'nuff said.
Can't argue with anyone on this thread.

My two top complaints are:

The dumbing down, and this goes for most shows. We need some "2000 level" shows, for the not so green guys. Info is king; all shows should provide as much info and technical data as possible. I want to know the load, the time of day, the wind, the temp., location.... every **** thing they can put on the screen.

And the poor editing. Make sure the hunt is fully filmed, and play it back as it happened, not pieced together. I understand editing, but there is no reason for mismatched clips like the aforementioned.
I know a couple of guys personaly who have been on Best of the West in the past. Ive also talked to guides who helped, IIRC, Arron on a AZ bear hunt. I won't get into specifics, but I don't watch the show anymore. I would like to meet John Porter though. He seems like a stand up guy, his shows on there are usually good. Back country elk hunts on horse back. A few years ago, one of the last ones I watched, John was on there shooting baloons around 1K. It was a shooting tips part. He was playing with the wind, not the wind playing with him. It was blowin somethin feirce and he was making hit after hit at distance. I was pretty impressed.
I have watched 2 episodes of the new season and they are actually giving some better tips, I do like long range pursuit because the Davidsons do give real world long range tips, Im kinda biased on the best of the west though cause Im one of their direct dealers for the Huskema, I do agree though, I wish they wood put up more info of the shot. caliber, wind conditions Ect,
I film for a couple diffrent outdoor shows part time. I can tell you just like hunting filming never goes as planned. I try to lay down as much footage as I can. I can nit pick TV shows so bad I have a hard time watching them. Example Trophy hunters TV, Matt shoots a buck with a rifle in a blind. One shot is of him using a Rem topped with a leupold, but "reinactment" he's using sponsored browning topped with sponsored nikon. Most of the time you only have one camera running, I run two. One just on the hunter and me filming the animal. This way you get a real reload and reaction shot, not a reinactment. As for the tips to more experinced, I would say good luck, as you are the minority. But I would say that is a good thing.
They did the same thing on a popular archery hunting show, a bunch of folks were hunting in wyoming and using mainly 2 types of bows, mathews, and hoyt's I fall in the latter group. They were filming everybodys hunts and after the kill if you were shooting a hoyt they wanted to take more film of you shooting a Mathews, needless to say I didnt make it on that episode.
I have a question. What is the black ring on the stainless barrel just ahead of the stock? I looks like a wrap of electrical tape. Anyone know what it is? Or what it's for?
It is electrical tape it is used to cover the muzzle to keep dirt and debris out of the bore, we wrap a small amount around the barrel so its always handy. It doesn't effect the bullet at all, it blows off before the bullet gets there!
I totally agree. I only watch it because its on the DVR and i can zip through it to see if there is anything worth watching. I am almost to the point of deleting the timer on the DVR. I like long range pursuits much better. Almost everything about it is better.
What drove me crazy was the guy shot the antelope on i think this weeks show and shot his almost in the ***. Then when they recover him they are pointing and laughing at the front shoulder like that is the entrance. They never once showed the hole. And would not roll him up to show anything.
This reminds me of the cover up back when aaron and mike worked at the best of the west and mike was the hunter. It was a bull laying down in the burn, next thing you know the bull is up and getting shot. But the bull plain as day was already hit and hit bad. Why cant we see what really happened, or dont show it at all.

I know but then there is extreme outer limits where on this weeks show Bob beck shot a aoudad ram in front of the hip at like 200 yards at the most.

Personally I am tired of watching all the reruns and crappy shots. If it is not perfect they should either own up to it or I flat would not use the footage at all. I do think mike davidson made a good shot on the ram this week though.
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