SOLD/EXPIRED selling question help needed


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May 21, 2008
Vancouver Wa
Advise needed, I sold a receiver to a guy from New York.I got the money , sent the receiver to his FFL. When it arrived the FFl told the buyer the Local ATF agent required me to send the FFL a copy of my drivers license. Why is a "local ATF agent" involved at all? Does this sound normal to you guys? I thought that all the buyer needed to do was fill out the 4473 and the FFL called up and verified. I just don't feel I should send any info I don't legally have to.
Please let us know what happens. I know someone that had somthing similar happen when they bought a gun on gunbroker. It shipped to the FFL and the FFL wouldn't let the buyer take it without a copy of the sellers DL. Seller faxed a copy and the FFl still wouldn't take it because he said it wasn't clear enough. Meanwhile the gun is just held by the FFL. Luckily the seller was nice enough to mail a copy of his DL to the FFL. Do let us know how this turns out. Someone with a FFL know the legalities?
I told him " no way" . If it had been asked for up front and sent with the receiver I would have complied. the FFL eventually did the transfer and blamed it on an overzealous ATF agent. Still sounds like BS to me because why would an ATF agent even know what was happening??? Oh well, the deal is completed now.
I had a similar experience when I sold a rifle to a guy in ND. When the rifle arrived the FFL dealer told my buyer that he could not transfer the rifle because it "was not shipped FROM another FFL holder".
After several emails and phone calls I finally had to send them a copy of my DL.
Also my local FFL dealer has just changed his policy and will NO LONGER receive firearms FROM non-FFL shippers.
His reasoning is that he has had to involve the BATF on several occasions when he received an "illegal firearm", barrel to short, full auto, etc.
He said that the BATF was getting accusatory of him for having these firearms in his possession, so in order to try to prevent this in the future he wants them to be shipped from another dealer in the hopes that they will prescreen the firearms prior to shipping them.
Another example of one or two IDIOTS F****ng things up for the rest of us.
I can understand the spot they ( FFL ) are in. They just need to be upfront with their requirements before things are shipped. A little clarification on the front side saves a lot of confusion on the backside.
You need to ship from an FFL or if the receiving FFL will accept shipments from and indiv. provide them with a signed bill of sale and a copy of your DL. Otherwise it is like the gun came out of nowhere. The FFL is making a reasonable request. You put the buyer in an awkward position.
How so? I have sold firearms before without the need to provide a copy of Drivers license. No issues arised. They had the info of who I am. What would I do If I was a person who didn't have a license or have state issued ID? As I said before the required info should be asked for upfront and it would have been provided.
To me this seems pretty simple.
If it is required by law you do it.
If the FFL you shipped it to requires it - and is not required by law that just sounds like good business practice.
Anyhow if its not required by law then you have a choice to use this FFl or find one that doesn't require itt.
Poor reading comprehension skills. The original poster said he would have complied.... HAD HE KNOWN UPFRONT! Read before you write.