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Jul 19, 2014
I have scope mounts rails and rings and one piece. I used Leupold dovetail rings and bases for years both in one piece and 2 piece. I don't consider them to be much of a scope mount any more.

They were first designed around 1960 or 1950 I guess I don't know the design is probably older than I am. Leupold got them from Redfield and all they've done nothing to them since but make them cheaper IMO. I am not trying to start something!!!! They're still materially and functionally adequate in many cases.

I like the talley 1 piece for a mount on a medium range hunting rig their quality for the price is really good.

Lately I have been using mounts from near manufacturing. They make an all in one alpha hunter mount that is really outstanding has a 300.00 price tag IMHO is worth every penny.

I have 3 scopes mounted on near rails with seekins precision rings and nightforce ultralights and if you need a canted scope base that's probably about as good as it gets.

I have found after hunting and shooting more years than I care to count that quality optics are worth the investment and mounting a 1000.00 plus scope with 70.00 worth of bases doesn't make sense.

Good luck and shoot straight


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Apr 3, 2004
Reno Nevada
I was searching my stuff and found some Leupold Quick release rings. Mounted my scope and sighted in yesterday. I notice release lever moved a bit, so I turned it a bit, and it threw my sighting in session off the paper . I have the Burris extreme tactical on two other rifles ,so decided time to have them on three rifles and be done with it.


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