Scope Height Above Bore?


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Oct 23, 2009
I was wondering the best way to measure the distance from the center of the bore to the center of the scope? I eyed it and guessed it at 1.5". I have a 40mm scope with leupold med rings.
I guess you could also send your cleaning rod down the bore until it appears inside the action and measure from rod to middle of scope tube...not exactly scientifically perfect but close. If you don't mind, what are you trying to accomplish?
If you can have a dial caliper it is easier. Measure the o.d. of the objective + the barrel diameter divide by 2. Measure between the objective and the barrel and add to the previous number and you got it.
This is mine 2.24 + 1.02 /2 = 1.63 + .53 = 2.16 above bore.
BignGreen, Good idea! Got to thinking about it. When you say measure barrel diameter I'm assuming you mean where the barrel is just under the scope objective and not the muzzle end...unless you have a straight contour...yes?
I was just wondering because I was bore sighting my rifle today and I use one of those leupold magnetic bore sighters. And you are supposed to line the bore sighter at the same height as scope. I know it doesn't have to be exact it just kinda got me thinking on how the best way to measure it accurately.

Thats a great idea Biggreen. Thanks!
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