scope for Sav 12LRPV 6mmBR-use Varmints


Oct 11, 2009
San Clemente
I put an old Leupold 6.5-20 on for now.
Have been looking at the NifgtForce 8-32 NXS Varmint reticle NP-1RR @ $1755.
Other ideas?

Ranges will be 400 - 1000 yards.

Will be squirrel hunting in Northern California in April.

I use my 20VT, 22-250 & 17HMR for shots under 400 yards.

If you can afford that one, that would be the way to go. If not, then look at Leupy's in a 6-24x range. Vortex offers some really good scopes. To be honest, if this is a dedicated LR rifle a fixed 16 to 20 power scope just might be the best option. Allows for some all the magnification you should need and clarity. I think I just talked myself into a single power scope for my LR rifle.

Thanks for your ideas.

BIG question is seeing ground squirrels at 800 yards.

I used my 6.5 x 20 on PD's and had a difficult time seeing them at 800 yards.

I'm betting on two things:
1. more magnification
2. better scope - more clarity.
These are some that I think would work great. There are others available, but just a thought. I discussed this very reasoning with my shooting partner. I always shoot at extended range and always use the max power of my scope. So I have just today come to the conclusion that a single power scope for target and small little critters. My rifle is dedicated to LR shooting. I have no plans to ever carry this thing in the woods. I could see it being a problem for short shots of 100yrds or less, but where I shoot the shortest distance is about 450yrds.

IOR 36x42 Tactical 30mm Rifle Scope

SWFA Riflescopes Leupold Hunting Riflescopes Leupold Competition Riflescopes

Sightron 36x42 SII Big Sky Riflescope

Hope this confuses you more!:D A variable would be very good to own also. If you plan on hunting in areas that allow for shorter shots than 200yrds then the fixed power may not be a good option.

So I just thought of another good reason for a variable. In high temp situations, you can back the power off and that will help with heat vapor at long range. So maybe I just thought of a good reason to not have a fixed power. Anyway, to each is his own, I guess. Just some things to think about.

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