Scope and MOA Question


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
Iam about to purchase rings and bases for my Kimber Montana .300 WM. I will be mounting a Leupold VXIII 4.5-14x40 LR. I would like have the capability of shooting this rifle out to 800-900 yards for fun/hunting/target practice but realized my original plan was to use Talleys Lightweight scope mounts. Will I have enough internal adjustment to get out to 800-900 yards? Id like to keep it as light as possible yet rock solid!

Thanks guys/gals....
Leupolds website states....

Elevation Adj. Range (MOA) 116
Windage Adj. Range (MOA) 116

Does this mean for elevation you have a total of 116 MOA adjustment or do you have 116 adjustment up from center 0 and 116 adjustment down from 0?

This might be a stupid question, not sure how this stuff works. Trying to learn.
The 116 refers the the amount of adjustment from top to bottom. If your scope has 1/4 MOA clicks, and you crack your scope all the way to the top, you should have 464 clicks until you bottom out.
I actuality, it will probably be closer to 100MOA which is plenty to get you to 8-900 yards after you zero. That number of clicks will change depending on your zero also. For example:

100yrd zero=10 MOA= 106MOA of total adjustment

200yrd zero=15 MOA= 101MOA of total adjustment

These are just examples and it may use more or less to get your zero. Once you set that, I can almost gauruntee that you will only use 25 to 35 MOA to get to 1000yrds depending on bullet used. The higher the BC the better.

My current configuration (300WSM) will get me to 1000yrds with around 25MOA with a 200yrd zero. I use 208 A-Maxes and will be running them between 2900 to 2950+ fps. I have 20MOA in the base, 20 in my Signature Burris Z Rings for a total of 40MOA to get my 200yrd zero as close to the bottom as possible. That gives me a total of 50MOA in the scope alone allowing me to reach out to 1500yrds. But also notice I have the extra 40 which really translates to a total of 90MOA built into my rifle. Hope this helps.

I have an article on the home page. If you go into it, you will be able to see the set up because I was able to get some really decent close up pictures of my scoped mounted. You can see the inserts in the rings. I can't remember, but you might see the slight taper in the base also. Article title, "How do I know what to buy". They do make those rings to fit 30mm tubes also.

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