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Mar 15, 2004
okay, im still trying to figure this whole thing out. If I sight my gun in at 100 yds, and im shooting,say, 21 inches low at 400 yds, i would turn my scope up 2.1 MOA. That would be 8 or 9 clicks with a scope with a 1/4 moa right?

21 inches low at 400 yards.

400 yards divide by 100 = 4.

(MOA is angular measure and we base it on 100 yards so you MUST divide yardage by 100 to get to MOA. @ 100 yards 1 moa = 1.047 inches)

21 / 4 = 5.25

You come up 5.25 MOA, 21 "clicks" on a .25 MOA scope.

If the distance were 700 yards and you were 63 inches low the answer you be calculated like this;

700 / 100 = 7

63 / 7 = 9.0 MOA

You'd come up 9.0 MOA or 36 "clicks" on a .25 MOA scope.
Moving the decimal point two places does the same as dividing by 100, no math involved, and I'm sure Dave does this in his head too. But, dividing by 100 shows what you are really doing.

If your shot was at 1000 yards, or 10 times as far, your inches divided by 10 like you did would be correct. You were only shooting 4 times as far, so you'd divide by 4.

680 yards would be 6.80 times as far, so you'd divide the inches by 6.8.
thanks. hows this, the distance is 564 yards, im 32 inches low. I divide 564 by 100. Then i divide 32 by 5.64 and get 5.67, so id have to adjust 5.67 moa, which is like 22 or 23 clicks. Is that right?

Now you got it.

Brent's correct, I do the math in my head (that's why I got an ugly head) but show the yardage conversion for illustration.
Heres another scenerio. 720 yards, 67 inches low. 67 divided by 7.2=9.3 MOA. thats 37.2 clicks, or 37. Do i have that right?
Yup! That's correct too.

Slow down, you're wearing out my calculator.
another question, I guess I need to shoot my gun at all these ranges to determine the drop dont I?
lets say the farthest ive shot my gun is 600 yards, and on the opener i see a big buck at 750 yards, what would you do

This is an easy one!

I'd run 150 yards closer and dial on the dope for 600 yards, "bang - flop"

I'd also start a new thread, we're hijacking this one.

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To get a more accurate way of knowing what your drop is, shoot your rifle through a chronograph and take your average velocity, and plug it into the formula in a bullet path chart like sierras infinity program. This will tell you everything you want to know and how many moa to put on that deer at 750. It also saves alot of wear on your barrel instead of testing every yardage to find out what your drop is.
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