Scammer on Powder "Alphex Firearms"


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Jun 17, 2013
Rhode Island
Was surfing the web today in hopes of finding some IMR or Hodgons 4350 powder. After striking out on most of the sites if did find Alphex Firearms in Lawrence, Kansas "did" in fact have powder in 1 pound containers, and you could purchase as many pounds as you would like for like $30 a pound. I "almost" clicked the to order, but.....decided to do a little "due diligence" and try to get reviews. Nothing there, so called the Lawrence, Kansas police department and spoke to the OIC. The OIC in fact told me that Alphex Firearms is a legitimate firearms dealership and they do sell firearms; however, the web page is a scam. The OIC stated that the store owner, the Lawrence City police department and the ATFE are trying to shut the site down. Again Alphex Firearms is a legitimate business, but the web site is a scam using this company's information, and has nothing to do with this shop and this gun shop is legitimate. It does pay to do "due diligence" when dealing with the internet sales of reloading components.

I did post this in the General Discussion forum as well. Not certain where it does belong, just do not want to see people getting ripped off.