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  • I very recently purchased 100 new Remington brass in 22/250 from a Company in Canada.
    Used them twice now, and tjey are ok.

    Prophet River
    Lloydminster AB
    Mike Matteson
    I have a question? I am hearing that Canada firearm stores have all types of powder, primers, bullets, brass or all types available there in Canada. I was talking to a person in Montana at a custom gun shop today about supplies, that what he stated.
    Yet our shops don't have much in the way of reloading supplies.
    flintlock hunter
    flintlock hunter
    Just guessing here, but with Canada having harsher firearm regulations than we do here in the States the demand is much less there. The only question I recieved on both times I purchased brass through them was concerning they are unable to ship loaded ammunition over the international border.

    Your contact in Montana seems to be correct.
    No problem, glad you're satisfied.

    If you know anyone interested in the 458x2 American, let me know. Thanks!

    Lew Clayton
    I just rec'd the 45-70 Herter's dies w/accessories. Thank you so much for including the 'cake cutter' sizer and shellholders. That was very generous of you.
    I have been researching the 458X2" American and find the cartridge quite a novel in it's concept.
    I had never heard of it before I saw your post but apparently it was once a popular wildcat. I don't have a barrel chambered in it but I wish I did. I am relugated to the chambers that can be tolerated by the contender. Someday I hope to graduate to an Encore.
    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase your dies, I hope we can do business again sometime.
    Jimmy Hoer
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