say i wanted to build a 300 H&H


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Feb 5, 2012
Ive got to many 7mags and have one bdl that would be the donar gun for the action. Im looking for a factory countoured bdl barrel. Im not looking for a bench rest gun just a hunting rifle. What barrel manufacture and gunsmith would you recomend that wont break the bank. Id like to end up with a matte blued factory contoured barreled action.
Man that's a good round. My brother has one in a #1 and it's been as good as any 30 mag accuracy wise. It's good you have a la rem for the donor action, you'll need it. The bullets look stubby loaded to length even for the single shot. The case capacity is so close to the 300 wsm that you can use its data for the 300 h@h if you start at the bottom. I'm sorry I can't answer your question on the barrel for decent $ other than maybe an er shaw.
300 H&H is still a great choice. If it was me I'd take the time to have a longer magazine installed and the chamber cut to match one of the longer bullets out there. The 300 H&H
that I've had worked well in factory contours. Do it right and my prediction is your other rifles stay home a lot.
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