300 H & H

Alright. This is a 400 yard gun. I've posted a few pics previously and I intend to hunt with it. Deer and elk, what would be the best all around bullet to load?

180 gr Swift Scirocco II
180 gr /200 gr Partition
165/180 gr Accubond
150 gr Barnes TTSX
180 gr Lapua
165 gr Remington Accutip (SST)
168+ Berger VLD
180gr Core Lokts (I have a factory box from the 70s or 80s and these shoot the best lol)

I've also just acquired a pre 64 model 70 in same cartidge so will be interesting to see what bullet choice yall like for this round.
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,Had a H&h for 50 years till shot out (used gun) when got it, shot 160 Speer cup and core for years good results. But 180 partitions worked well. 4831
Kinda wish I rebarrelled in 300 H&h but now a 338 rum, rum is fun but not a woods gun, clear cuts only lol, it’s heaven but a shooter

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