so i think i want to build a custom


Sep 9, 2012
Ok so i think i would like to build a custom. Never done it before so need a little advice. I really would like to do a 7mm stw. Would it be best to find a used remington 700 and use just the action. Then order the barrel? Looking for some advice for a first time build
Like many here, I've had rifles built both ways.

In my opinion, if you already had a magnum, long action Rem. rifle that had a good stock you could use for your 7stw build you could have a rifle that would shoot as good as you could ever want one to and save some money in the process.

If you have to go out and purchase a Rem. 700 just to use the action, then add everything new around it, you would be better off buying a custom action.

Also, custom action built rifles seem to always hold their value better than factory action built rifles do.

Either, if built properly, will usually out shoot the shooter.
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