I think I need to free float


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Jul 30, 2004
I shot these two groups this morning with my 7RUM LSS. The barrel didn't get hot but it looks like I need to remove the pressure point on the barrel. This rifle is factory, just wanted to see what it would do before I started playing with it. 150 gr BT, 90 gr 7828SSC, Fed 215GM, 3375 fps. I don't want to mess with it before deer season in a week and a half so I'll drop the action into a HS Precision aluminum block stock and resight, that should cure the vertical stringing. The first group went 0.50" and the second had 0.55" horizontal spread. Both groups at 100 yds. Just thought I would post this classic example of vertical stringing due to pressure point on barrel.

So the top group was with the barrel floated ? and the bottom with the vertical stringing was with pressure?

good info , I personaly have only seen one gun that free floating the barrel diden't help out at least a little and that rig liked to have about 6lbs of pressure at the tip so a small V-block was made and bedded to add the pressure.
I also like to have a pretty large gap around my barrels to allow plenty of air so the barrel heats and cools evenly around the whole barrel , some think that it looks unsightly but I use my guns as tools so as long as it works it can be ugly.
Both groups were shot in sequence with pressure on the barrel. I believe the vertical stringing was from the barrel heating up. It didn't feel extremely hot to the touch but I think it was hot enough.
I will see when I shoot with the HS stock since it free floats the barrel.
Is this barrel new? It might need to be broken in with cleaning between shots.

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