What do u think I should do? I need a new project!

When you say you have 6.5 "covered" are you saying you already have a 6.5/284 or 6.5 PRC?
If not go with 6.5 PRC if the action and magazine will handle it. The 6.5 PRC will be the cartridge for my next hunting rifle, a Browning X-Bolt Pro.

Eric B.

Many guys have built a 6.5 PRC on the tikka action, it’s a good choice if you dont already have a magnum 6.5.
6.5 case head magnum/larger the 6.5 Creed. Have to do something with bolt.
I have both but am liking PRC a little better.
Ok so new scenario to induce some critical thinking skills. U are at the ol’ Walmart’s getting some vittles! U get your stuff and come outside, suddenly al’jabar tightpants (Jihad) scoops u up. Ol’ Remmy700 is the only redneck with shooting skills in the area that happens to have his tikka with him while taking pics of birds posted 500 meters out on top of the local kohl’s (while his wife is shopping). He has a freshly zeroed simmonz pro hunter scope on his new tikka build! What caliber do u hope it’s chambered in to save your ---??

If you put a Simmons on that rifle, DON'T SHOOT!!! I'll take my chances scrapping against the Jihadists myself! Better chance of survival! LOL! :D
Already have 6.5 PRC, and creedmoor. Going to do a 280 AI barrel and a 22 creedmoor! Thanks fellows

@ a 8 twist on the 280 AI and 6.5 to 8 twist on the 22 Creedmoor ought to have you covered for everything from p-dogs to elk, (even though you're already good there). Nice choices! :)
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You know this thread was going to give you as many different answers as there were replies... lol. I'm going to offer one different to keep the stats correct. Good old fashioned 6mm Remington. 65,000 psi, long neck for long bullets, and twist it in 7.5. Will outperform any other short action cartridge with a standard bolt face. Period.
Didn't they call that the Texas Trophy Hunter
No one has mentioned the 22 LRV. It gives you the performance with the big SMK’s or VLD’s and gets the creed taste out of your mouth haha
No one has mentioned the 22 LRV. It gives you the performance with the big SMK’s or VLD’s and gets the creed taste out of your mouth haha
Seems like it's in the same velocity range as the 22 Creedmoor. Had never heard of it before. One of my nephews is looking for a fast 22 but, didn't want the Creedmoor name. LOL. Hmmmmm. Oh. Case availability??
It looks like there are quite a few people with Norma 6 XC brass available. I can tell you Clayton and his team at West Texas Ordnance are great people to do business with too.
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