What do u think I should do? I need a new project!

I would be interested in your factory barrel if a smith can thread it on a T3 easily (I don't know how similar a T3x is?). I have a T3 CTR in .260 Rem, I keep considering changing it out to a 6.5 CM - let me know.
I do not know you but I live in an area where we have goats, deer, so I think I would make a 257 Roberts improved if it's a medium action, if its a short action I would make a 338-08. just because I like being different. if it has a magnum bolt face.. I would definitely go with a 1:8" twist for a heavy 270 WSM or a 257-270 WSM with a heavy twist. I have seen my hunting buds do this and it turned out phenomenal for deer and speed goats. also they are very good for getting people to say "What the hell is that?"
later tatters.
That 257-270 WSM what bullet is it shooting and how fast? I think that would be a cool setup for the 131 blackjack bullets.
You know this thread was going to give you as many different answers as there were replies... lol. I'm going to offer one different to keep the stats correct. Good old fashioned 6mm Remington. 65,000 psi, long neck for long bullets, and twist it in 7.5. Will outperform any other short action cartridge with a standard bolt face. Period.
So I got this like new tikka ctr t3x 6.5 creed sitting here with no purpose in life. Looking to do something with it and need some help on caliber selection. Already got 6.5 covered, already got 6 covered already got 30 cal covered, so that leaves me thinking of maybe a 22 creedmoor. Need some help deciding so I can order me a barrel!
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I am thinking of doing the same, have a 30-06 T3 stainless I bought at a mint just for the action and plan to rebarrel into something else. Have .17, .20, .243 and 6.5 covered. Would like to shoot the Berger 80.5 gr to 90 gr SMK. Just not sure if there is a twist and throat that can cover that range. Just found out that Hawk Hill barrel makers are just down the road from me so interested in dealing with them.
22- 250 begs to be Ackeyized. But I'm not sure there is a difference between that and 22 Creedmoore.
Now there is Alpha Munitions 25 Creedmoore brass you can neck down. They're brass is almost if not as good as Lapua.
Hornady, Alpha and Peterson is making brass for the 22 Creedmoor. Have read of early pressure signs in the Alpha SRP brass.
If it’s a hunting rifle.... 7MM SAUM, or something else with 7 or 280 in front of it.

The tikkas all run same action so I think you can go big, 28 Nosler ?
As many have mentioned, the Tikka is basically an '06-length action. That means that you can choose any cartridge up to about 2.6-2.65". There is no limitation to .308Win/2.015"-long cartridges.

Frankly, the small calibers sound like they are more than adequately covered. Because of bullet shapes and BC, anything that you may want to do in .224" should be adequately covered by your .243"-diameter cartridges.

So go big.
338" is calling you softly.
How big?
You could do a 338 PRC in a standard Tikka action with some careful gunsmithing on the bolt, either opening or replacing. A PRC is basically a 375 Ruger. If you give a 338 PRC a long sloping "458-style" throat you could single-load the longest bullets with exceptionally high BC's for long range wind resistance. (An 8" twist would help for longest bullet options.) For hunting, your second shot could be something like a Barnes 250gn LRX with .602 BC or Nos AB or Berger. If you did not want to wildcat a 338 PRC, then a functional equivalent would be a 33 Nosler with a long sloping throat. You would have a great long-range rig that would be light enough to carry on a mountain. Not too shabby.

Of course, it would be easier to start with a Tikka 3x 338WM than converting the bolt of a 6.5CR. A 1/4" barrel set-back would still allow you to keep a 24-inch "original" barrel, should you wish. A new barrel would allow a tighter twist than a standard 10" 338WinMag. Trades or sales might get you the easier platform without too much trouble. You seem to be enjoying the planning as well as the shooting.:)
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Seems to have plenty enough for me. I've been using it an a coyote denning rifle. Nothings survived it. I dont know how much more horsepower you need. Granted I'm not the long range shooter alot of you guys are but my two longest are 775 and 802. Both died in their tracks. The other 49 I have shot this spring have died pretty much in their tracks. Had one go 15 yards and another 30 yards roughly. The dogs do get their adrenaline pumping.
When you say you have 6.5 "covered" are you saying you already have a 6.5/284 or 6.5 PRC?
If not go with 6.5 PRC if the action and magazine will handle it. The 6.5 PRC will be the cartridge for my next hunting rifle, a Browning X-Bolt Pro.

Eric B.
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