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Mar 6, 2008
Mounting 8.5X25X50mm VarXIII on .243 Rem 700. Plan to use the Signature Burris rings(with inserts). Somewhere along the line somebody recommended double dovetail base. The ? is- Does anybody know if this scope can be mounted with med rings or must the high rings be used. My preference would be to keep the scope as low as possible. #2 anybody have thoughts on which bases to use. My choice would be either Burris or leupold..what say you.
I don't know how far you wanna shoot with your gun...But Leupold make's a LONG RANGE base with about 20moa of taper...With that scope,ring and base combo you will have more click's than your gonna need...Just a thought...You will probably need HI ring's..

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The part # on the REM 700 RH-LA Long Range MATTE finish. I have one sitting here next to me, it's a spare JIC (just in case).
Appreciate the feed back. Don't know how far to 'suppose' it would shoot. We'll wait and see. Need to study this LR stuff more. I would think that without the tapered adjustable base, there would be enough clicks anyway. Am I wrong. I do think, based on my shooting style that I don't want to go any higher than I have to. Am I missing something?
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