Reloading gear for LR shooting?


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
As I have put down a deposit for a serious LR rifle, I am wondering if I shouldn't consider upgrading my reloading gear.

I have an RCBS Rockchucker, and RCBS dies.
With this setup I have been able to load very, very accurate ammo for the 6PPC, but in all honesty I would have to say that that ammo is a little rougher than I'd like it be.

I neck size using the FL die, by only allowing it to contact the first 1/2 of the neck, without the expander ball.

All the same the rifle shoot like a BR champ, I'll guess that the 6PPC is a very accurate and forgiving caliber.

Should I get a collet sizer for the .308 I have ordered?

I don't think I need to upgrade the press, but maybe at least a better die setup.

Any suggestions?

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
I believe it fair to say that benchrest rigs that shoot in the "0"'s and "1"'s at 100 yards require ammo loaded with different techniques, eqt. and standards than our 1/2 moa rifles. No reason not to do all the tricks but some of it may not pay any dividens.
Your press will do the job, only decision as I see it, is benchrest grade dies or not.

Redding's line of dies are supposed to be the best, I have friends who use them and their ammo is very good.

I use RCBS Competition dies in my Rockchucker and standard dies in the Pro-2000 and cannot tell any difference at the range. Competition dies will not work in the Pro-2000 so have no choice - we load 90% of our ammo on it.

Some other guys here might have different opininons. I know Dave King loads with an arbor-style press and uses the slow, exacting process to meditate and pray to the deer-gods for forgiveness for killing so many of their subjects - but everyone to their own.


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Jun 13, 2007
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Think you will find a lot of preferences and a few commonalities.

forester Bonanza and Redding sell micrometer seaters that cannot be beat. forester is only $48

The Bonanza BR die set is only about $75 and for $35 can be converted to a bushing die by JLC precision or Harrels. Redding already comes with bushing. The forester after converted can be set up for shoulder bump also without another die.

Many guys have their gunsmith make a custom die set when ordering gun. Normally they use a resize reamer that gives the case about .002-.003 sizing on body. Chamber reamer cannot do that. Often the wilson inline die is used for seating and add the micrometer top.

Another choice is custom dies made by Neil Jones from your fired brass. Micrometer neck size and seating either 7/8 x 14 or inline cost is about $275 for a set. His die uses a unique bushing that incorporates a shoulder bump built in.

However for the 6PPC go to BR central and order the die set from Harrels or JLC. They both stock the best custom made die sets for the PPC and your neck. They are normally noted as the absolute best for PPC.

On 308 go with the Forester and do the neck die conversion. My personal preference but take it for what it is worth.

6PPC is not a LR cartridge and normal twist for them is 1-14 with 55-68 gr bullets and max 300-500 yards accuracy. After that too light a flat base bullet thrown around by wind and low BC. Also most ppc guys use inline dies only to be able to load at matches. Need good arbor press (Hart, Sinclair or K & M)

You need 1-8 twist and 6br to go 1000.



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Jul 8, 2003
Central PA
i havnt had luck getting straigt ammo out of press mounted seaters so i am in the process of converting to all wilson seaters. they seat CONSISTENTLY .002 runout or better with the ones i have. I have stopped checking them on a guage.

Plus they are only about 35$ compared to twice that for a redding seater.

Also you dont NEED an arbor press--you can seat with the palm of your hand if your neck tension is not too much, or use a plastic mallet--5 bucks for the mallet is better than 95 for a press.

good luck


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Jul 27, 2001
Express, another opinion. For me, the accuracy of the reload is in the die. The press only provides the mechanical leverage to do the job. Saying that, your press is fine.

For you 308Win, I would recommend the Lee Collet neck sizer. For the money and operation, it is the easiest and cheapest sizer that produces very concenctric ammo. This assumes that your chamber and bore are inline (no die will help you if not).

Use the reg. seating die first and see how runout is. It might be just fine. If not, I recommend the Forster BR seating die. The micrometer adjustment is nice but I don't bother since I don't play with seating depths after the right OAL is found.

If you want to FL size your brass, not a bad idea for some forms of shooting, send your gunsmith a sized brass from your die. He can then use it as a headspace guage. This will reduce the cost of custom dies and really improve accuracy/sizing issues.

Ultimately, you want concentric ammo. If the chamber/bore are well cut, your work is greatly reduced. Fireformed brass that are collet neck sized will usually be very concentric with a reg. seating die.

Good luck with your new rifle.


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Apr 17, 2003
North Carolina
I concur totally with Bounty Hunter.

Forster BR dies are awesome.

I would include a Case Master or equivelent, for checking runout.
They are cheap and well worth the 5 minutes it takes to check the 20 rounds you just loaded up..sakofan..

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