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Dec 31, 2011
Burgettstown, Pa
When using a reduced charge, what material, if any, is necessary to hold said charge against the primer/base of cartridge? Thank you for your help.
Trying to get sub sonic w/223 w 55g vmax. Hodgdon has data but my concern is with keeping powder against the primer. Or is this even a concern?
Hodgdons powder charges are w/trail boss, tite group, and clays, all around 7-8gr or less. That leaves a lot of space left in a 223.
Trying to get sub sonic w/223 w 55g vmax. Hodgdon has data but my concern is with keeping powder against the primer. Or is this even a concern?
Use Trail Boss. Trail Boss is WAY bulkier than pistol powder, 9 grains will pretty much fill a 223. No issues with ignition, no fillers, meters great, burns clean. Have used it from 17 HH to 460 Weatherby mag and everything in between.
Or is this even a concern?
Not with the correct powder choice. Make the wrong powder choice with a reduced charge and you've accidentally turned your chamber into a bomb that your face will be snuggled up to, but with powders designed for the useage it's perfectly safe.

Like Dean said Trail Boss is specifically designed to have much higher case fill %s than a standard powder, it gets that by being donut shaped and having a lot of surface area for it's volume. It's a great powder but impossible to find lately. The good news is a can lasts a very long time once you get one.

Titegroup is designed to be loaded in low charge weights in large pistol cases and not have a problem with primer flash along the side of the powder column, kind of a pistol-equivalent of H4895. 223 Rem is a small case so there must be similar internal ballistics to 45 Long Colt for Hodgson to recommend it.

Clays is a flake shotgun powder that worked out really well in larger pistol cases also, so probably same as Titegroup it happens to work well in the 223 case capacity range and will burn well enough in super low pressure loads like these and large case reduced pistol loads.

They only recommend Trail Boss for 243 Win, 30-30, 45-70 because of the larger case volume those have versus what's being pushed. H4895 can almost always reduce a rifle load, but not necessarily to subsonic. It'll work in 308 Win with a heavy bullet, but 6mm stops at 115gn bullet weights so it won't slow you down enough there to be subsonic.
Hmmm. Well I've got LRPs to trade? The delivery charge is going to be killer though.
We have had shortages too, right now it is primers , but generally we have had pretty good availability. Price sucks, Retumvo is 90 a pound, but our prices have always been near double the States. Too bad direct importing of components just doesn't work.
I'm not sure if XMP5744 is the same powder as 5744 . a quick call to accurate powder should clear this up . you might be able to find this powder in todays dry spell . no info for reduced loads with the heavier bullets , so I didn't post those .



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