Rear Bag??

I shoot from so many different positions in the field from standing and leaning against a tree or off of sticks or a tripod on the front and bipod under the back end in a sitting or kneeling position.

If you're going to carry a pack with you then you will no doubt be shooting off of the pack itself frequently.

If you'e lucky enough to find yourself shooting from a prone position off of a bipod the triad tactical bags are awfully handy and easy to carry in your pack or hanging off of it for quick detachability.

Just try to be prepared for whatever the conditions require at least minimally. You can't carry it all with you so spend a lot of time figuring out what will work and carry the least shooting gear you can get away with to free up room and pounds for other more critical items like dry clothes, rain gear, food, water.

Till you make a few trips to a given area you'll just have to wing it but once you have a packing list worked out don't lose it.

At this point I will mainly be limiting my long shots to about 500. I have a spot that I just ride the four wheeler to(power line) and just sit and watch. Last year was the first year that I sat there and saw quite a few deer including some good buck. In this situation I would likely pack the bag that I made, Packing around etc. probably not, I will likely want something lighter or maybe just a wadded up rain jacket:D

Thank you for your thoughtsgun)
When traveling by air keep the bag with you and put it on a tray when going through the inspection line. This make it easier to explain what it is. If not, TSA will ALWAYS make you open your carry on and then ask a lot of questions. They can even ask to see what is inside the bag. If you check it through in your duffel there is a good chance they will open your checked baggage to inspect it. The bag shows up as a suspicious mass on the X-ray.
Well I put together a wool sock rear bag last night and was out this morning doing some validation and that actually worked very well!!:D

Been doing this for a number of years, it's called a sand sock. Sniper School still teaches you to make and employ them. You can experiment with all kinds of fillers, sizes and hardness. Or you can dress them up and put them into something like a Crown Royal bag.
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