Reacquired a Rem 700 30-06

Edward Pagliassotti

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Mar 7, 2018
Oxnard, CA
I have three REM. 700s (243, 7mm mag and 30-06). In case you were not aware of it, Remington put out a recall/warning about the old safeties. The vintage of your rifle puts into that category. Give Remington a call @ customer service and provide the serial number. They will advise who to take it to for a free repair. At that time you might want to have the smith clean and adjust the trigger ( for a price of course)..
I had all three of mine done. My 06 dated to1962. They thought I had left off some of the serial number numbers LOL. The 243 was built in 1967. They still shoot well.
I just ran a jump test for my 243 and on Thursday managed clover leaf @ 100 yards with a 0.07" jump. I did bed it myself, got a professional trigger cleaning & adjustment and I free floated the barrel. Other than that it is a stock 700.

Dr. Vette

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Dec 30, 2009
Holland, MI
I inherited a similar vintage rifle from a friend.

It was well worn, so I pillar bedded it with pillars ftom Ernie, then skim bedded it. I had it refinished, installed a TriggerTech and I think its now one of my most accurate rifles. In addition, it looks just like it should because all the improvements are hidden.

Enjoy the rifle!


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Oct 16, 2012
Bucks county, Pennsylvania
I put tons of WD-40 on all my fishing rods after I used them. One day they
all gummed up at once. No more WD-40, on guns or rods. Maybe
door hinges and zippers.


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Jan 21, 2010
portland, oregon
I recently acquired the first rifle I ever shot a deer with. A Rem 700 BDL in 30-06. That's right, my dear ole Dad is good to me.
Basic info is that it has a OU stamp on the barrel so I'm assuming it is a 1971 production gun. What helps me come to the conclusion (it's not from 2001) is that I know I used it in the mid 90's when I started hunting.

It has not been fired more that a shot or two in the last 25 years. Upon receiving the rifle and inspecting it and firing on some dummy rounds, it seemed like the trigger broke but the firing pin hesitated for a micro second. Basically, I could feel and hear two distinctive clicks. After several dry fires and bolt lifts it started to feel better all around.

Aslo, the bolt release button did not want to allow the bolt to slide out. It took some effort to finally get the button to move enough so the bolt would release. Then, of course, when the bolt was reinserted, the button would not spring back out. The bolt could slide out of the action at any time without having to press the button. Similar to the trigger and firing pin, the bolt release mechanism has begun to work a little more properly.

So my plan with this oldie is to shoot it. I want to keep it looking and functioning as original as possible. I've never owned a Rem 700 and I know the possibilities are endless to aftermarket goodies. But I believe I will refrain. If anything I might open it all up and give it a good cleaning and lube. I bet it needs it.
And if I do that I may just do a bedding job. It does not seem to be free floated. Were rifles even floated back then?

Lastly I might drop in a Timney trigger if this original one doesn't start to feel really good.

Pics to come
Sounds like you got it in hand ! I would give it a thorough cleaning and then reoil and grease. A timney drop in trigger will help your trigger problem and glass bedding will help your accuracy !


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Sep 20, 2014
Strip it
Clean it
Shoot it
and then go from there......
Trigger might be great and it might just shoot lights out. Don't go all crazy on it when it might not even need it.

Wingmaster 20

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May 8, 2020
That's a great looking rifle, metal work, and wood are near perfect. The sluggish delay, and the bolt release sounds like a gummed up reciever, and associated parts. Years ago, wd40 was common, and its gummed up quite a few over the years.
A good dose of lighter fluid will clean it up, with a little working of the action. Also, you may want to remove the firing pin, and shroud. Inside of the bolt gets gummed up as well. Nice rifle, love the wood.
Looks and acts like it is a gem.


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Mar 24, 2014
South of I-10 in Texas
Stripped and cleaned today.
This thing was gunky! Not quite like the undercarriage of a work truck gunky, but pretty gunky for a bolt gun.

I was really hoping to get away with just stock removal and clean the trigger and bolt release mechanism in place, but that wasn’t quite cutting the cheddar. This called for trigger removal and partial disassembly. But the result speak for itself. So much better now dry firing and dry cycling. Yes, safety mechanism and drop testest. All’s good.

Wouldn’t you know it, after full reassembly I realized I forgot the mag well. Had to remove stock and fix that goof. All’s good again. Can’t wait to shoot this beaut and report back.


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Dec 25, 2014
Sandy, UT
Wow! The trigger now looks brand new. Great job! I have played around with some torque settings on re-assembling bolt gun. W/o any bedding, pure factory, torque it down 50 inch pounds. I had a stock Mod 700 Classic .270 I did that with that shot wonderful, just as it was. Good luck to you pard.

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