Re#17 and 6x284

Thats worth trying wondering the same my self. Our deer rifle season starts in 2 days but i dont have the time to try. I was also getting good results with W- 760.
My 6x284 loves H4350. I wonder how Re#17 would work any ideas ?

If your 6x284 like's H4350 it will proably like RL17 better. They both have similar burn rates and you will porbably find your max RL17 load to be about 1 gr higher than the H4350, give or take. Not sure about RL17's sensitivity to temp. Have read reports saying both, stable and not stable. I'll be checking that out when I get a chance after hunting season and get some warm weather :rolleyes:

When someone works up a load, please post it.

I recently picked up a 6x284 and need some loads to try.
I have begun testing. So far I can shoot a heavier charge of Re#17 over H4350 with much higher velocities with 87gr V-Max (3693 fps)and 85gr Speer SPBT. But accuracy with V-Max was poor when pushed above 3550. but 85gr Speer in front of 54grs of Re#17 I can hit a 16 oz water bottle at 230 yds placed on a rock shot off the hood of my truck. Haven't had time to shoot those on paper. Tomorrow I will plus some 90gr Nosler BTs. So I'll post latest results. But so far its thumbs up on Re#17 in the 6x284 in my 26" 10"twist Hart bbl.

I have similar set up.

Remington trued action, Hart 1 in 10 twist, 26 inch barrel. Sporter contour.

I appreciate any and all feedback you give on your results since I am new to this caliber, and your data should be ideal due to similar set ups.

I will not likely get out to the range in the next couple of months, however I will be loading up some rounds and your information is timely indeed!
How come you can't get out to the range for a couple of months ? Any how I my trip to the range was beneficial . My load sequences began at 52.2grs -54.5 grs of Re#17 both 54 and 54.5 had shinny ejector marks and stiff bolt rise. But accuracy was best ever 1/4MOA at 100 yds. Bullet was 90gr Nosler BT Those bullets shot better then any bullet I've ever shot,far superior then any V-Max.Last time at range a chronograph was used. 53.5 pushed a 87gr V-max to 3,693 .So 54grs could very well have produced 3700+ with those 90gr missiles !
Two reasons.

The maiun one is that it was in teens yesterday. With Wind Chill at the range, it just takes the enjoyment out of it.

The second is that I may be traveling out of town for work.

If I am home and it warms up a bit, I may slip over for an afternoon to test some loads.
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