Range finders?


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Sep 28, 2006
Michigan Freeland
I'm buying a range finder this week. I just don't know witch one to get swaro,leica 1200,or zeiss?I hunt open fields my longest shot would be about 800 yard but most my shots are 340-575 yards long.Witch range finder?I don't like what people are saying about the swaro so I'm not sure on that one and the aiming cricle to big on the zeiss I'm lost.
Lots of previous threads on this subject. There is no "perfect" range finder out there. Each unit has some drawbacks and everybody has their own favorite. In the end, it always seems to come down to two units for 1000+ yd shooting: Swarovski and Leica. Both have good repeatability, ability to read in different weather conditions, functional reliability, etc. You can't go wrong with either unit.
i thought the leica wasnt much chop over 800yds to nonreflective targets? correct me if im wrong....
I have both the swaro and leica like both but the leica will only range deer to about 900-1000 yards depending on sunlight but the swaro range's about 1400-1600 yards on deer depending on sunlight .Into the sun I can range further than away from the sun .
If it were me I would buy swaro if you don't like it im pretty sure someone on here would take it off your hands.:D
I have no experience with the Zeiss but I had a Leica1200 and now a swaro. I really liked the Leica for its size and its ranging ability. It zipped targets out to 1000 yards quickly and seemingly had no issues..... at first. Unfortunately this particular unit failed within a couple weeks. After discussing the issue with my dealer we decided to bring the Leica back in. I returned with the rangefinder hoping to get another Leica but the dealer was out of 1200's. The dealer apparently had one other unit fail and that these were THE ONLY TWO ever returned for failure to read. both units failed within a couple weeks. This dealer offered me the Swaro at no extra cost to me. I accepted and I am extremely pleased with the unit's ability to range. while I do prefer the Leica's size and would not hesitate to purchase another if need be, I really do appreciate the Swaro.
I have been using a Leica LRF 1200 for years and it has never failed me... The newer CRF is smaller, waterproof and faster... ANY product that has electronics in it can have a problem... The size and ease, and optical quality has me shopping for a new Leica CRF 1200. NJS
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