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Jan 22, 2012
Hi yall

Okay be patient with me here, I appreciate any/all answers and wisdom from those more experienced and knowledgable on the subject than I.

First whats the case capacity of a .338 AX, capacity of a .338 Edge, and cap of the .338 Excalibur or original .338 Raptor? I understand the case capacity is quite close, but that the Lapua is slightly larger than the Edge??? Also, the Lapua case can handle higher pressures than the Edge, correct? So what would be expected MV with 300gr SMK/Bergers in each with say a 30in barrel with top loads? Also, what is the .338 Edge +P?

Also, Mr Allen or anyone who owns a .300AX/.30-338 Lapua Imp, have you tested the Berger 230gr hybrids in the cartridge yet? If so, what MV did you get and how did it perform? How would you say it compares ballistically with the .338 using 300gr SMK? (When I get the money up for a Allen rifle, I plan on a .300AX, .338AX, or 7mmAM or possibly one of the Raptors) BTW, have you completed testing with the new Raptor rounds, Mr Allen? - The ones that have the length of the Cheytac but case body of Lapua? Will these have more capacity than the Excalibur?

Also, Ive been very intrigued by the .375-416 Barrett thread. Ive always thought a shortened .50BMG necked down to .375 with a sharp shoulder, or .375-416 Barret or .375-460 Steyr would be a very serious cartridge. Mr Dave Viers recently made his cartridge called the .375VM:

375 Viersco Magnum

Basically very similar to the .375AM, the case is very close to the Cheytac, but slightly larger; I think itll hold around 10-12gr more powder and give around 100 to maybe 150fps more than the .375AM in equal barrels/same bullets. Keep in mind the huge 40"+ barrel length he uses when pondering the velocities. His goal is atleast to get 3200fps with 400gr bullets reliably and accurately with good brass life. This is also a very interesting development and one worth following imo on snipershide.

Anyway, Mr Allen, you pointed many of the disadvantages of the BMG case such bearing surface and the issue of case head diameter and pressure. Say, if you were to design a new .50 case, what would some major features you would include? Or say for instance, you could take a BMG case and do anything you wanted to it as long as it would still use the same chamber and caliber? Could you "make it work" if you "Lapua-ized"(LOL) the BMG case? Ie; say you signicantly reinforced the primer pocket, and other things, could you, and if so, how would you, strengthen the BMG case to allow for 65,000psi or so reliably?

Also, the Russian round you referred to, the 12.7x108mm, has 355gr H2O capacity vs 292gr for the BMG. In top loads, how much faster could the x108mm push a 750gr A-Max than the BMG? Also, I imagine youve heard of the 14.5x114mm Russian as well. How do you think this case would perform necked down to .50 and shortened? I assume massively overbore as the regular case has 656gr H2O capacity, do you think it would offer much advantage over the .510AM? Im sure youve also heard of the .50 Fat Mac, a 20mm Vulcan case. Check this one out, same idea but a full length case is used:

New ANZIO 20/50 - Anzio Ironworks
Do you think 3200-3600fps is possible with 750gr bullets and a 42-45" barrel?

Also, does anyone know the size/case cap or dimensions of a 20mm Vulcan? I would imagine its close the 14.5 with a shorter case....

Thanks yall
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