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Feb 1, 2010
Hi guys
I'm new here and been checking the site frequently and decided to join. Happy to be a part of it!
I had a few questions about a LR build.
Right now I have a (Post 64') Model 70 in a 300 win mag. I got a timney trigger on it. I would like to build up the gun with a new barrel, stock, true the action, etc. This gun is primarily used for hunting from antelope to elk up to far distances (400~800yds) One of my questions was with the action would I be able to convert it to a 338 edge? I like the possibilities to shoot elk at farther distances with this round. Also what length of barrel,twist, and contour would work and muzzle break? I was thinking of getting a shilen barrel. I also plan on getting a stockadeprairie dog/tactical stock or an h&s precision stock. In addition, is it easier to order the parts and then have a gunsmith put it together or just go through a smith with the whole build?. Any recommendations of a gunsmith in Arizona?
Any help/input will be greatly appreciated to help me in the right direction.
Sounds like a good plan to me. I would find the gunsmith first. Then let him guide you on your purchases. Welcome!
Don't get hung up on having a gunsmith in your area do it. It may pay in the long run to ship the gun out to a better qualified smith.

You will have many many recomendations on everyones smith of choice. Search on here and pick from a sponser...Most of them would not be a bad choice.

I use Kevin Cram of Montour county rifles and would highly recomend him. Other have had good luck with others on here also.

Welcome aboard and have fun!
Welcome, and here are my suggestions.

There is a ton of stuff on the board here about set ups for this caliber rifle. A lot of guys are using anywhere from 26" to 28" bores in a #5 or #6 contour. Some are running the 1:9.3 twist and others are satisfied with a 1:10. Barrel options across the board are Kreiger, Lilja, Douglas, Brux, and Shilen. Stockade stocks and HS are pretty nice stocks. It is a matter of choosing which one you can afford or desire. If you think you will regret buying one over the other, start with the one you want first.

I am not sure if that bolt face can be opened up. With that said, find a smith or even consider sending your rifle to one of the fine smiths on this sight. They will guide you through your build and offer up some really great suggestions. Shawn Carlock put the .338 Edge on the map. Others may have built them initially, but IMHO of everything I have read, he has perfected them.

HI jwhunter,

Not a problem using your Win 70 action for an edge. I just barreled up a 338-300 Ultra Mag aka 338 Edge on the same action. I'm still waiting on the stock though. Anything between and 26-30" barrel will work great. Contour would be determined primarily what you want the gun to weigh and what you like. I like the 1-10 twist for the 338 cal. shooting the 300 SMK's. I would highly recommend having a muscle brake put on, they work great in the bigger calibers. I'm not a big Shilen fan but would recommend a Brux, Kreiger, Hart, Broughton, Bartlein or Lilja barrel. The stockade praire dog tactical is a good choice but the stocks with a butt hook don't ride in a bag very well. The H-S Precision stocks are a good choice also. What style were you considering? It's fine if the customer wants to order all the parts and ship them to me, but to be honest it's usually easier on both you and the smith to discuss what components you want, supply a down payment and let the smith do all the ordering. Shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions I'd be more than happy to work with you.
Thanks guys for all the valuable input I really appreciate it! Thanks Kevin for the information. I sent you an email hope to talk to you soon.
Looks like your question has been answered. Welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. Enjoy.
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