?? about a build


Jan 5, 2010
southern Illinois
I read a lot of post here with all kinds of different actions used, but not much about using a 40x action.just wanted to no why.i'm thinking of having a 6x47 built, what are some thoughts and would you use this action.thanks
Not many people have 40X actions. Most people will have a Rem 700 SA.

I have an F-class 40X that was originally a 7 Rem mag single shot. It has a bushed bolt face and is trued and rebarreled into 308. It still has the original stock. Both my son and daughter have actually managed to bring home a mantle trinket with it. In addition to shooting F-class it has been used extensively by my son to kill a small truck load of animals. He first learned to shoot long range on it and is very comfortable hunting with it at moderately long range. Of course he does not mind hunting with a heavy rifle.

I put a Defensive Edge cheek piece on it because the 56mm NXS is so high.



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