Question about brass sorting

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  1. bgordon

    bgordon Well-Known Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    I purchased 1000 pieces of Remington brass in 260 Remington caliber. Did initial prep such as deburring the flash hole and neck. Sorted it initially in lots of 50 by weight. That Remington brass sure varies a lot more than Winchester brass. No wonder people stay away from it. Just from the initial cleanup and inspection I dumped over 200 pieces as being trash. The plan is to do a fireforming and then trim all the brass to the same length before reweighing and resorting.
    Because of the volume I don't really care to turn the necks. The reloading dies are the Redding competition bushing sizing dies and I intend to size them loosly to get a light neck tension.

    Are there any additional recommendations to get the brass sorted as consistently as possible?
  2. BountyHunter

    BountyHunter Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2007
    It really depends on exactly what level of accuracy you are trying for. Most stringent guys I know, only sort to +-.1 gr. Even then what differences are you weighing(case heads, walls etc)? H2O capacity is the only thing that you can truly weigh. Most will only sort to 1/2% of the weight (200 gr case sort in 1 gr lots) and that will not make a difference at 1000 yds in match BR guns. Now a lot of the 1000 yard shooters will shoot each piece of brass and throw away any piece that continually throws a bullet out of the group. They number each case in a group/lot etc so they can track it. That seems to work, but it is extreme workd to do that. If your gun is not a tight neck (upi said no neck turning)and shooting 1000 yards, you are way past the point of returns for work. Most have found after sorting to 1%, gains are in bullet selection in sorting by length of bearing surface etc and good load development but only if you have tight neck gun and. Buy a power screw driver and sinclair power case head holder with K&M neck turning tool. Lowes and HOme Depot selling the B&D with versapac interchangable batteries for $26. Easiest way to do it. Do it in lots as you use them.