Question about a Win Model 70

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    Jun 2, 2012
    I had the opportunity to purchase a Winchester Model 70 Shadow Hunter for a very good deal. .325wsm It is brand new. Never been fired. It came from a friend that was in need of money. When I got it home and really looked it over I found that the stock is very cheap with a lot of flex in it. But that is Ok I plan to swap it out for a B&C Medalist. The problem is that this rifle has no floor plate. There are three screws that hold the stock to the action. The only thing that comes off is the trigger guard. I found that I can purchase a one piece floor plate for it. But this only takes two screws. Is there going to be any problems going to the two screws instead of three? Should I look for other options? Are there stocks out there for 70's with a blind magazine? I am having a hard time finding any if there are. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks